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Hot Stone Massage Experience at Spa Imagine

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There are massages that take you to another level of relaxation leaving you tranquil and content, and then there are massage experiences that transport you to a whole new dimension of wellbeing where you feel renewed and inspired, ready to reinvent yourself and harmonize with what life has in store for you. The Hot Stone Massage experience at Spa Imagine is one such encounter with bliss that opens the doors to a deeper connection between your mind, body and spirit as well as a sublime connection with the wisdom of our ancestors.

Hot Stones for Healing

Hot Stones for Healing

Hot stones have been used for massage and in healing therapies for hundreds, if not thousands, of years. History suggests that the Chinese were the first to use warm stones more than two thousand years ago to soothe a variety of ailments as well as improve the function of internal organs and systems. Likewise, historical accounts document how hot stones played a key role in healing for ancient civilizations in North and South America, Europe, Egypt and India. In some cases, hot stones were used in ceremonial rituals such as in sweat lodges while in other cases, the stones were placed in patterns on various parts of the body for both curing and diagnosing diseases and maladies.

Today, the ancient wisdom of our ancestors and developments in massage techniques come together in an incredible therapy that is both ritualist as well as physical. The Hot Stone Massage Experience at Spa Imagine honors the ancient wisdom of our ancestors while combining the latest advances in spa techniques to create an unforgettable experience that will leave you feeling grounded while at the same time connected to your inner being.

The Hot Stone Massage Experience at Spa Imagine

The Hot Stone Massage Experience at Spa Imagine combines the four principal elements of nature: air, water, fire and earth. Firstly, the therapist sets the temperature in the spa suite to your liking and sprays the air above you head with a diluted essential oil that is selected to complement the forthcoming treatment and your apparent mood. As a tribute to the element of water, the first stage of the Hot Stone Massage Experience is a foot ritual. The therapist will cleanse your feet with water as you close your eyes holding a precious stone. The idea is that you take this time to bring your consciousness to the “here and now,” leaving behind all your stresses, questions and responsibilities to fully immerse yourself in the next 80 minutes.

Moving to the adjustable massage table to lie face down, the next stage of the Hot Stone Massage Experience brings together fire and earth represented by the hot stones, which are volcanic pebbles of varying proportions ranging from the size of a child’s fist to the size of your thumb nail. To accustom the body to the heat of the smooth stones, the therapist will dance them lightly across your back as your skin attunes to the temperature and pressure. Then working along the spine, vertebra by vertebra, the hot pebbles are placed upon the key energy centers of the body known as chakras as well as the hands to begin working their magic.

Once you have accustomed to the weight and heat of the stones, the deeper work begins as the therapist manipulates your muscles with the pressure of the pebbles lubricated with a neutral unscented oil such as almond oil. The back massage can be as deep as you like, using the appropriate sized hot stone to intensify the massage. The hot stones are then used to massage the legs arms and feet.

Following the back massage, you will be left with the sensation of pure relaxation and bliss; however, the real magic is still yet to happen. You will be asked to turn over and lie on your back, at which point some of the stones will be placed beneath your body at key pressure points such as between the shoulder blades, beneath the knees and thighs as well as on top of the body with a large warm stone located on the heart and other areas. The massage then continues, using the hot stones to further release tension in the arms, shoulders and neck. Baby hot stones are then employed to stimulate the face and temples, at which point sensitive clients may feel their energy shift, bringing tears to your eyes as you release emotions and tensions or a sense of deep euphoria depending on the individual.

The Hot Stone Massage Experiences at Spa Imagine comes to an end as the therapists removes all of the stones from beneath your body and seals the treatment with an inhalation of essential oils.  

Some of the benefits of the Hot Stone Massage Experience at Spa Imagine include:

– stimulates circulation

– Promote self-healing

– Relaxes the muscles and tension in the body

– Helps to release toxins

– Soothes muscle pain and spasms

– Generates a sense of peacefulness

– Encourages connection with your spiritual nature.


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