Spa Imagine’s Summer Recommendations

Spa Imagine, located on the fifteenth floor of Hotel Mousai, is far more than your average day spa.  Boasting stunning 360 degree views of Puerto Vallarta, world-class facilities, highly trained therapists and an impressive array of indulgent treatments, Spa Imagine caters to both chic and trendy jetsetters as well as laid back fans of luxury who come to enjoy the ultimate in soothing experiences and relaxing moments.  At the heart of the Spa Imagine experience is its “wow” ingredient: the Epicuren skincare range, a series of sophisticated products that will leave its awesome legacy on your skin. The Epicuren Difference

The combined effect of utilizing the wisdom of ancient cultures and modern ingredients and technology, such as Epicuren, is a Spa Imagine’s “wow” secret.  Together, each aspect of the experience creates a unique opportunity to indulge the body, mind, and spirit with an exceptional palette of personalized spa therapies.

The Epicuren Difference

At Spa Imagine, professional staff members are dedicated to making sure each spa experience is catered to the unique needs of every individual who walks through the door.  Our therapists understand that each skin is different, and that is why they are trained to evaluate your skincare concerns in order choose the best treatment for you.  By using the Epicuren line, which features distinct products that can aid in restoring and correcting damaged skin, as well as a variety of other treatments, staff can ensure you’ll receive the best service for all your skincare needs.

Spa Imagine’s Wow Ingredient
Central to the Epicuren line of products is a protein enzyme complex that encourages the skin to self-rejuvenate.  The Metadermabolic Enzyme, as it is called, is a protein that has been combined with a waterborne solution of Vitamin B to create the ultimate in skincare.  Together these ingredients help your body’s largest organ replenish its youthful appearance by providing moisture and antioxidants, which are vital in promoting the growth of healthy skin cells.  The natural ingredients of Epicuren’s products make them ideal for treating all aspects of your skin’s health, including age spots, acne, tone, texture and fine lines.

Visit Spa Imagine for any one of the indulgent spa therapies and experience the Epicuren difference.  Ask one of our expert therapists about the right products for you and take home a skincare regime that will leave you feeling the Spa Imagine secret for months to come.