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IMAGINE Therapy Suites

To fully indulge and pamper our guests for the ultimate in hotel spa experiences and spa retreats in Puerto Vallarta, Spa Imagine’s soothing therapy rooms are customized for bespoke spa treatments so that every spa service can be as unique as each of you.

Fitted with state-of-the-art adjustable therapy tables and blessed with breathtaking views of Banderas Bay from the fifteenth floor of Hotel Mousai, the Imagine Therapy Suites seek to embrace you with plush comfort while you relax into tailored treatments from our extensive service menu. Set apart from other luxury spas in Puerto Vallarta, Spa Imagine will take you to new heights of relaxation.


BALANCE & HARMONY Suites tailored for your wellbeing

Unique among other luxury spa resorts in the area, Hotel Mousai’s commitment to creating inspiring spaces can be noted in Spa Imagine’s interior design. The ambiance of each Imagine Therapy Suite at the hotel spa is inspired by one of the body’s energy centers known as chakras, which are located at various points from the base of the spine to just above the top of your head.

The rooms are named after the sound attributed to each of the seven chakras: LAM, VAM, RAM, YAM, HAM, SHAM and OM, with an eighth suite named AURA. The spa suites are subtly adorned with details that reference the precious stone and color associated with these energy centers to enhance their unique healing properties.


state-of-the-art comfort and healing

FIVE SOLO THERAPY SUITES for personal healing, relaxation, transformation and wellness retreats. These soothing cocoons of serenity and well being will aid your journey towards wholeness and balance at one of Puerto Vallarta’s most inspiring luxury spas.

THREE LAVISH SPECIALITY SUITES are available for ultra-unique spa experiences and spa retreats, including couples massages and romantic packages as well as bridal or bachelorette pamper days.


soothing you towards personal balance

Solo Therapy Suites


Bespoke Experiences and spa treatments.

State-of-the-art automated massage table for perfect height and comfort.

Sensitive room temperature control.

Remote control curtains close when spa treatment begins.

Experienced, respectful and sensitive therapists.

Designer products carefully selected for their effects, textures, aromas and natural ingredients.

Lavish Speciality Suites


Spacious couples massage suite with two state-of-the-art massage tables for spa treatments, area for foot ritual and a luxury private shower.


Lavish suite for couples or pamper days for small groups. Includes two state-of-the-art massage tables for spa treatments, a private jetted hot tub, two day beds and a luxury shower.


Ideal for brides, brides-to-be and VIPs with their entourage, this plush oversized therapy suite has one state-of-the-art massage table for spa treatments, a teardrop bath and shower as well as a large sofa and chairs for well-wishers.

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