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10 Most Fashionable Summer Accessories

Turn heads during your vacation with all of the latest summer accessories and trends! Not only will you look the part, you’ll also feel beautiful and confident as you strut your stuff poolside!


Unlock the Benefits of Midweek Getaways

When you choose to travel midweek, you unlock a world of advantages, and one of the most significant is the abundant availability of the activities and experiences you desire.


Wellness Month Means Yin Yang Yoga Time

Prepare to embark on a wellness journey with us in June as we dine on healthy culinary delights while pursuing holistic healing and self-care through curated experiences at Hotel Mousai.

Black Friday|How Did Black Friday Get its Name Hotel Mousai|

Black Friday History and Facts

Have you ever wondered how did Black Friday get its name? The day after Thanksgiving is the biggest shopping day of the year in the United States, where businesses and merchants provide shoppers with amazing discounts and deals.


What Is Black Friday?

We all love good deals, that’s why Black Friday is one of the best days, but what is Black Friday? Do you know how it originated, the changes and results that it has created?

Thanksgiving Outfits for 2021||||

Best Thanksgiving Outfits for 2022

Whether you want to stay casual and cozy this Thanksgiving or you’re looking to step up your fashion game, there is something for you on this list of the best Thanksgiving outfits!