Solo Travel at Hotel Mousai: Tips for a Fulfilling Journey

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If you need a break to pause, disconnect, and be with yourself, you have come to the right place. Pack your bags and discover the immense joys of solo travel at the iconic Hotel Mousai Puerto Vallarta, the best adults-only hotel in the city and a splendid destination for solo travelers. Get ready to experience an extraordinary and liberating journey of self-discovery surrounded by tropical beauty that will restore your peace from the first moment.

In this post, we delve into the best things about solo travel and why Hotel Mousai is the best spot for this meaningful adventure that can be the ultimate act of self-care.

A Journey of Self-Discovery

In an era where constant connectivity and bustling routines dominate our lives, embarking on a solo adventure is the perfect opportunity to get away, relax, and dedicate time for introspection.

Beyond the unparalleled allure of Puerto Vallarta, solo travel at Hotel Mousai will allow you to take the break you need and deserve, and to pause and listen to your feelings. It is a precious time to indulge in luxury service and extraordinary cuisine away from the distractions of daily life.

A Heavenly Time in Nature

Hotel Mousai is a luxury retreat like no other, with abundant natural beauty and incredible experiences that you can enjoy surrounded by the constant song of birds and the warm ocean breeze. Feel the warm embrace of nature by joining the Zen Walk along the lush paths, enjoy glorious mornings at yoga class, and bask in the beauty of the perfect sunset every evening. This is the ideal place to allow nature to bring serenity into your soul while immersing yourself in a world of luxury service.


Cultural Immersion & Adventure

Imagine wandering through the charming town of Puerto Vallarta, discovering the legendary warm hospitality of its locals, and immersing yourself in exceptional culinary experiences. Solo travel at Hotel Mousai offers a unique opportunity to break free from the ordinary and venture into fascinating adventures, leaving all your worries behind.

Traveling alone grants the freedom to curate your own experiences, making decisions based solely on your desires and interests. You are welcome to explore Hotel Mousai’s exceptional activities such as kayak and paddle board tours, wine and tequila tastings, and many more exhilarating adventures. The choice is all yours, move at your own pace and discover a sweet feeling of empowerment you can savor from sunrise to sunset.

Making Friends

Solo traveling brings fantastic opportunities to make friends from all around the world, people who share your love for tropical relaxation, adventure, nature, and culture. Regardless of your personality type, bonding with fellow travelers will make your stay at Hotel Mousai unforgettable and fulfilling.


Dare to experience an incredibly fulfilling and joyful experience at the best hotel for solo travel. At Hotel Mousai Puerto Vallarta, you will embark on a transformative journey, embracing the beauty of traveling alone, and unlocking the endless possibilities for self-growth and personal connection.

It’s time to find yourself in a tropical paradise, a haven that is just waiting to be explored, experienced, and cherished.


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