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Hydrotherapy Ritual


heat, steam, buoyancy and bubbles

Bask, sink and float into divine relaxation and tranquility by indulging in Spa Imagine’s unique hydrotherapy circuit, one of the most complete in Puerto Vallarta.

Since ancient times, the healing and relaxing properties of water have long been treasured as an important element in our journey towards optimum well being and balance in the body. You are invited to indulge in Spa Imagine’s Hydrotherapy Ritual, which honors this wisdom with a delightful circuit of hot and cold stations. Indulge in a rich experience at one of most idyllic luxury spas in Puerto Vallarta for wellness retreats and spa treatments.

Liquid Love indulge, sink, float and unwind in paradise

Spa Imagine’s Hydrotherapy Circuit

Steam Room

Elegant marble steam room to open the pores and encourage your body to eliminate toxins.


The finest pine-finish sauna with partial views to the ocean.

Pressure Massage Shower

Cool the body after the sauna or steam room with a lukewarm power massage to pummel the shoulders and upper back.

Six Cycle Vitality Pool

Six mini-massage stations in a warm water plunge pool to target different areas of the body: feet, shoulders, upper back, lower back and full body.

Large Whirlpool

Bask in a large Jacuzzi as you unwind level with the clouds and birds. Enjoy the heat and relish the bubbles.

Cold Plunge Pool

Ice cold plunge pool to energize the skin and revitalize your body. 1 second or 5, the fresh shock to the system is invigorating.

Take the Plunge tailored journeys of wellness await

To reap the greatest benefits from Spa Imagine’s hydrotherapy circuit, you are encouraged to alternate from hot and cold stations, resting in between so that your temperature regulates before returning to the heat once more. Silently repeating a positive affirmation or mantra of your choice while enjoying each area can help to deepen your experience.

Recommended Hydrotherapy Journeys:

Me-Time Mini Circuit | Duration: 25 minutes approx.

Recommended silent affirmation: “I honor myself and my time”

  1. 10 Minutes steam room, Sauna or hot tub
  2. 90 seconds tepid Pressure Massage Shower
  3. 3 Minutes rest and hydrate with chlorophyll
  4. 10 Minutes 6 Cycle Vitality pool
Soothing Middle-Way | Duration: 40 minutes approx.

Recommended silent affirmation: “My mind is calm and peaceful”

  1. 10 minutes steam room or Sauna
  2. 3 seconds ice-cold plunge pool
  3. 5 minutes rest and hydrate with chlorophyll
  4. 5 minutes hot tub with or without jets
  5. 90 seconds tepid Pressure Massage Shower
  6. 5 Minutes rest and hydrate with water
  7. 10 Minutes 6 Cycle Vitality pool
Complete Circuit | Duration: 1 hour approx.

Recommended silent affirmation: “Inner and outer beauty is balance”

  1. 10 Minutes steam room
  2. 90 seconds tepid Pressure Massage Shower
  3. 5 Minutes rest and hydrate with chlorophyll
  4. 10 Minutes Sauna (make sure you are completely dry after your shower)
  5. 5 seconds ice-cold plunge pool
  6. 5 Minutes rest and hydrate with water
  7. 10 minutes hot tub with or without jets
  8. 5 Minutes rest and fruit
  9. 10 Minutes 6 Cycle Vitality pool
For your own safety, please do not exceed 15 minutes in any one of the “hot” stations.

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