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Spa Guide Spa Imagine

These guidelines have been designed for your comfort and privacy, to make sure that your experience in Spa Imagine is a truly relaxing one.

Opening Hours

Services and facilities are available daily from 8:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. If you should need a service outside of this time frame, please contact our Spa Concierge.


We recommend that you make your reservation at Spa Imagine with at least 24-hours advance notice in order to ensure greater availability of preferred appointment times. If you decide to schedule a last-minute service, it would be our pleasure to accommodate you if space is available. Please don’t hesitate to ask for additional information or let us know about any special requests or services you might need.


We will ask you to complete a questionnaire before your treatment to ensure your comfort and safety as well as to provide the appropriate service according to your needs. We kindly request that you let us know if you have any health conditions: allergies, high or low blood pressure, recent injuries etc, or if you are or may be pregnant. Certain treatments may not be recommended in some cases. Spa Imagine is not liable for any personal incidents related to health.

Gift Certificates

All services are available for gift card purchase. Contact Spa Imagine personnel to assist you.

Method of Payment

We accept any major credit card or you may charge the service to your room (Please establish credit at the reception desk for your suite/room upon arrival). Due to hotel policies, cash is not accepted for payment.

Appoinment Cancellation or Rescheduling Policies

We request the courtesy of six (6) hours notice to reschedule or cancel your appointment. Otherwise, 50% of the treatment charge will apply.


When arriving late, your service time will be reduced accordingly. Showing courtesy to the following guest, the treatment will finish at the scheduled time.

Therapy Suites

Spa Etiquette

Spa Imagine is a place for complete relaxation. Therefore, we kindly ask that you please help us maintain this ambiance by speaking in a low voice, enjoying the areas in tranquility. We also ask that you respect other guests’ privacy by refraining from the use of cellphones and cameras during your visit. Our spa is a non-smoking facility.

Spa Experience

All of the spa treatments are therapeutic in nature. Our therapists are highly qualified and have ample experience in their fields. During your session at Spa Imagine, you will be provided with a locker, bathrobe, sandals and towels; we also offer disposable underclothes for your optional use during any spa treatment. For your comfort, we suggest you avoid wearing any items that may interfere with your spa service, such as rubber bands, pins, rings, necklaces, etc. If you have any concerns regarding your therapist, please do not hesitate to notify the spa reception.

Hydrotherapy Journey

In order to maximize your experience, we request that you arrive 60 minutes before your treatment to allow ample time for registration and use of the hydrotherapy circuit, where your journey towards complete relaxation begins. This ritual is the ideal setting to relax and warm up the muscles, which will allow you to reap the full therapeutic benefits of all our services and treatments. Use of a swimsuit in the wet areas is required as the hydrotherapy circuit is for both men and women alike.

If you do not wish to enjoy the Spa Imagine’s hydrotherapy circuit, we suggest you arrive 20 minutes before your treatment to allow time to answer the Health Questionnaire, which is required prior to all treatments.

More Information

Please consider that relief from muscle tension or stress can require more than one massage session.

We strongly recommend that you do not bring any valuables with you to the facility. Spa Imagine is NOT responsible for any loss or damage of this kind.

As a regulation, we kindly ask you NOT to consume alcoholic drinks before or while inside the Spa facilities. Please help us avoid having to deny you a service for this reason.

The use of wet areas is limited exclusively to people who purchase Spa services.

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