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Booking direct makes sense!

Reserving lavish vacations directly with us at Hotel Mousai provides you with multiple fabulous benefits. Speak to our fully-trained travel specialists and you will receive the very best advice for your stay in paradise.

Best prices guaranteed

Book an extraordinary vacation at Hotel Mousai reserving directly through our contact center and you will ALWAYS receive the best offers available. We are so confident you won’t find a cheaper deal elsewhere that we will price-match any offer you find. In order to be eligible for a price match, you must provide a copy of the official quotation you were given for the exact same stay.

  • Hotel
  • Flight

Enjoy Hotel + Flight deals

Book your hotel suite and flights at the same time and you will enjoy the best prices guaranteed. Our expert onsite travel specialists will endeavor to find you the most convenient flights at the best prices for you and your travel companions.

TAFER Rewards

Our travel specialists can talk you through all of your options and explain the advantages of joining our TAFER Rewards program which offers so many exclusive advantages. Reserving your vacation directly at Hotel Mousai as a TAFER Rewards means that you can take advantage of exclusive benefits which include options such as early check-in and late check-out, a complimentary bottle of wine in your room, resort credits, spa services, airport transfers, a romantic meal for two and excursions amongst other benefits.

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TAFER Rewards

Benefits include (2)

  • Resort credits
  • Airport transfers
  • Massages in the spa
  • A romantic meal for two
  • Bottle of wine in your room
  • Early check-in and late check-out

Travel specialists provide personalized service

When you deal directly with Hotel Mousai’s travel specialists, you don’t have to navigate the middleman and you will receive immediate confirmation of your reservation with all the details of your vacation. You will receive all the correct information about the hotel and your stay with no misleading particulars and great response times.

Toll free USA/CAN 1877 929 7977

No hidden commissions or extra costs

You can avoid any hidden commissions and extra costs when you reserve directly with the resort, and be sure of total transparency, benefiting from the best prices with no hidden extras.

(1) Not valid for promotions from vacation clubs where you are required to qualify and attend a sales presentation or rates that depend on membership (paid or otherwise), examples of which include but are not limited to Grupon, RueLala, etc. (2) Extra benefits and added values must be confirmed on your reservation details; other requests made after your reservation has been confirmed may have an extra fee.