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Spectacular! Hot tub was great! The roof top pool was beautiful. Great snacks included the chicken popcorn, ribs and chips and salsa and guacamole. We did all inclusive which I also recommend as well.

Majestic views of Banderas Bay

Lunching on the roof and snacking by the pool take on a whole new dimension of adventurous chic at The Rooftop. Soaring high above Banderas Bay on the 18th floor, Hotel Mousai Puerto Vallarta presents a uniquely hip and happening rooftop beach club experience at 112 meters above sea level.

While you soak, shamelessly glam, in the expansive infinity pool surrounded by majestic views of Puerto Vallarta, designer relaxation, flirty signature cocktails and sumptuous bites and snacks rendezvous with an ultra chic ambiance and knock out ocean views.

The rooftop day hotel mousai puerto vallarta


By day The Rooftop is the height of trendy luxury for a panoramic breakfast, lunch or afternoon snack, the perfect place for chilling out by its magnificent infinity pool or enjoying an afternoon cocktail or two.

The Rooftop’s playfully inspired menu features a fun and inventive selection of tasty treats presented with imaginative flair that will keep you exploring the menu out of curiosity as well as appetite. Satisfying your hunger at The Rooftop becomes an art in its own right; indulge in a little of what you fancy and let this contemporary paradise deliver.

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