Blanca Blue Restaurant

Blanca Blue
(322) 176 0700 Ext. 3020

Redefining Mexican fine dining

Featuring an exquisite menu filled with showstopping dishes to delight the palate, Blanca Blue Restaurant and Lounge entices diners with a fine dining experience that will thrill any foodie with its innovative perspective on Mexican cuisine.

Crafting its menu from the highest quality local ingredients, this modern gourmet restaurant brings together the latest in culinary trends and masterful techniques with an award-winning oceanfront location in Puerto Vallarta for a truly unique approach to the art of fine dining.

Mexican Avant-Garde Cuisine
Dress code
Collared shirt, polo shirts, dresses, skirts, casual shoes, dress sandals.
7:00am to 11:00pm


Fine dining meets
mouthwatering innovation

With Chef Mario Castro at the helm, the atmosphere in the kitchen at Blanca Blue has a collaborative vibe that brings forth dynamic creations through experimentation and teamwork. The restaurant is devoted to the continual progression of its culinary arts, resulting in a inspiring quest to create dining experiences that captivate each guest.

The Chef

Mario Castro,
working his magic

Applying his broad knowledge, skills and passion to his current role, Chef Mario Castro’s culinary prowess has been shaped by his professional experiences. His impressive resumé includes work at SLS South Beach, Miami under 3-star Michelin chef José Andrés, sous chef at the Waldorf Astoria in Florida and a six-month internship in Spain at world-renowned restaurant, El Bulli.

Diners will find those elements they love about Mexican food turned into inspiring works of art.
chef mario castro
mexican avant garde cuisine

He counts Ferran Adrià, the revered godfather of molecular and deconstructive cuisine, as his greatest culinary influence and he strives to push the boundaries within the Puerto Vallarta food scene.


Dining and Elegance

The chic and luxurious surroundings at Blanca Blue provide the perfect backdrop to experience a wonderfully contemporary meal. Whether you visit for a festive social meeting, a meal with loved ones, or a romantic escape for two, the remarkable architecture and sensational natural setting, which showcases astonishing views of Los Arcos and Puerto Vallarta’s Banderas Bay, will enhance your gastronomic experience.

There is space for up to 90 dinner guests in the fully air-conditioned main dining room, while an additional 32 guests can be accommodated on the terrace. The friendly and charming staff at Blanca Blue maintain an extremely high level of service that encourages you to relax and savor the moment.

Wine List

Whetting your appetite
with the finest beverages

Voted as Vallarta Lifestyles Readers’ Choice for the best wine cellar in Puerto Vallarta in 2010, the impressive wine cellar contains over 2,300 bottles. While the collection centers on exceptional Mexican wines, a variety of fine imports from all over the globe including Italy, France and Spain are also on offer.

Tequila, naturally, makes for a fantastic pairing with progressive Mexican fare, and a vast array of Mexico’s most impressive tequilas are available, with more than 100 premium tequila brands listed. Blanca Blue is part of the Distintivo T program which trains and certifies staff and their venues to provide exceptional tequila encounters for their patrons through extensive knowledge, and has been certified with the coveted Distintivo T “Agave de Oro” award.

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