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The Art of Molecular Gastronomy

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As a child, were you the type who played with their food?  Are you uninspired by your go-to recipes in your rotation and want to try something new?  If so, exploring the fearless world of molecular cuisine may be the perfect way for you to break away from your usual dining routine.

Cutting-edge techniques of molecular Gastronomy

Drawing on the cutting-edge techniques of molecular gastronomy, the fearless chefs leading this culinary movement have been able to create bold new textures and flavors.  Renowned chefs from around the world have actively pursued this culinary progression as a means to reinvent cuisine on a whole new gravity-defying level, impressing diners with their chemical mastery.  The tenacity of these chefs to constantly evolve has catapulted their amazing culinary creations into a new era of flavors and textures, thrilling the taste buds of diners fortunate enough to experience it.  

What is Molecular Gastronomy?

Molecular gastronomy is an intriguing branch of food science which merges the principles of chemistry, physics and biology to develop innovative ways of crafting dishes which include whipped foams, bubbles that fizz, solid or jiggly cocktails, show-stopping caviars and desserts that dazzle.  While this type of food may have once only been something we could imagine or see in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, the modern age of gastronomy now graces our fortunate palates with the wonder and delight of molecular cuisine.  

Breaking the rules

Feel like a kid again as you experiment with molecular cuisine and dream up new ways to nourish your body.  After figuring out some of the basic techniques in this expressive form of cooking, you might just be ready to try out for Top Chef.  Originality is the name of the game and the space for inventiveness is limitless, so try your hand at fun foods like transparent pasta filled with colorful ingredients, chilled vegetable soup prepared as foam or create an explosive dessert that will wow the guests at your next dinner party.

Chef Mario’s Mexican Avant Garde Cuisine

If the kitchen isn’t a place where you feel at home, leave the experimenting up to the professionals.  When you travel to Puerto Vallarta, you won’t want to miss the stellar dishes showcasing molecular cuisine, created by the extremely talented Chef Mario Castro of Blanca Blue, who has built a brand new menu featuring his striking creations.  With his Mexican Avant Garde Cuisine concept, Chef Mario flawlessly blends the traditional recipes of Mexican cooking with modern molecular techniques to produce distinctive flavor pairings that will delight the senses.  


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