Reasons Why You Should Visit Puerto Vallarta in December

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When you think of Puerto Vallarta, images of mistletoes and lavish Christmas decorations are usually far from sight. While the popular tourist destination isn’t the typical winter wonderland most people imagine, Puerto Vallarta is a great place to spend the holidays for those seeking winter wanderlust rather than a snowy wonderland. Aside from the obvious escape from the cold, the Christmas spirit runs deep throughout the Mexican culture and December is the perfect time to experience some of Vallarta’s most entertaining events.

Here are the top reasons to spend the holidays in Puerto Vallarta:

Playful Christmas Spirit

The holiday season in Puerto Vallarta is a great time to visit the friendly city because the Christmas spirit brings out the best in everyone. During the month of December, there are a number of different festivities going on around town that visitors are more than welcome to join in on. December 1st-12th is marked by the Festival of Our Lady of Guadalupe, when the people from all over Banderas Bay come to downtown to participate in the parades that go on each night. This truly memorable event highlights the beauty of the Mexican culture and the friendliness of its people.


Also, during the weeks leading up to Christmas, the people typically attend a number of Posadas, traditional Christmas parties, where friends and family gather to celebrate the holiday season. Christmas Eve, or Noche Buena as it is called in Mexico, is another day in which the celebrations are widespread. Traditionally, the day before Christmas is when families open presents and get together for Christmas dinner.

Cure those Winter Blues with Sunny Rays

Winter Wanderlust

The holiday season is a great time to visit Puerto Vallarta because the near perfect weather is the greatest cure for the wintertime blues. The constant sunshine, clear blue skies and warm weather offer a cheerful alternative to the cold winter days and piles of snow back home. Lounging by the Rooftop Pool at Hotel Mousai, exploring the magical city and spending time on the water becomes nothing less than incredible during the winter months, when Puerto Vallarta is cloaked in a blanket of sunshine (and of course, heading home to show off a golden tan doesn’t hurt).

Gentle Giants Take Over the Bay

Gentle Giants Take Over the Bay

Just like the vast migrations of tourists looking to escape the freezing temperatures of the North, Banderas Bay fills up with pods of Humpback whales, who come to the warm waters off Puerto Vallarta’s coast to breed and birth their young. These gentle giants, who can be spotted all over the bay from November to March, make spending the holidays in Vallarta even more exciting. Their elaborate, acrobatic displays, which can be seen both on the water and from shore, leave visitors with memories that will last a lifetime. You are sure to catch sight on them on the horizon either from your private terrace hot tub or the Rooftop or alternatively you can take a tour to get up close and personal.

At Hotel Mousai the Celebrations Never End

Don’t miss out on your opportunity to spend Christmas in style at Hotel Mousai, Puerto Vallarta’s hottest adults-only hotel. The sublime surroundings, chic amenities and incredible celebrations make this the best Christmas gift you’ll ever give yourself. At Hotel Mousai, you can enjoy an exquisite dinner on Christmas Eve at Hiroshi or BocaDos Steak House, wake up to Santa on Christmas morning and round out the year with a New Year’s Eve Party. At Hotel Mousai the festivities never end so why should yours?


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