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Like a dream!!! FROM TRIPADVISOR

For the food, we really enjoyed the sushi at Hiroshi - the salmon roll and creme brule were amazing. Thank you for Gabriel for recommending it! The steak house was also great- Estaban and Ricardo took care of our every need!.


The recipes accentuate the ultra-freshness of the produce selected for these culinary creations that will tingle and delight the taste buds. Its minimalist concept is playful yet sensual, colorful yet elegant, flavorsome yet subtle, tempting you to experiment way beyond your appetite.

Prepared with delicacy, precision and originality, the Hiroshi menu mimics contemporary Asian eclecticism offering sashimi, sushi, rolls, soups, tempura, yakitori, lobster, shrimp, chicken, steak and vegetables in a pot-pourri of succulent choice.

Think raw, think fresh, think spicy – think Hiroshi!