Kundalini Yoga

Soul Searching Activities

Connect with your innermost thoughts and self while stretching your stressed muscles and toning your tired body to relaxed perfection with Kundalini Yoga. Our expert instructor, Procoro, is well versed in the art of relaxation, meditation and yoga; he can teach you to calm hunger, thirst and pain as well as cool down your body through the use of breathing techniques and yoga positions.

Procoro is a master of body control and an expert in Kundalini Philosophy, the Pneuma System and Reiki. He has published many articles in Mexican journals and magazines about health & wellbeing, yoga and philosophy and even has his own radio program; the Art of Living which can be found on C7 Jalisco Radio.

With no previous yoga experience necessary, you can experience kundalini yoga in three unique, idyllic and tranquil locations all without even leaving the Preserve where Hotel Mousai is located. The three locations in which Yoga classes are held are:

On the beach from where you’ll be able to see the whole length of Banderas Bay as well as the Los Arcos beauty spot. Just make sure you’re paying attention to the class.

By the river; here you will be surrounded by nature, kissed by the sun and serenaded by birdsong.

On the mountain deck; the stunning views of the Bay and the tropical jungle which frames the deck makes it the best place to connect to let your spirit soar.


Meet in the Lobby
1 hour
Three times a week
Dress Code
Comfortable clothes for exercising
Insect repellent and drinking water
calendar of activities

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