Spa Imagine’s Summer Recommendations

Spa Imagine’s Summer Recommendations

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With summer now in full swing, you are most likely trying to keep up with a busy schedule full of fun activities, which means you could be neglecting to make time to restore your soul and care for your body the way you know you should.  Everything from traveling to diet to too much time spent in the elements can wreak havoc on your looks during the summer.  With that in mind, why not spoil yourself and indulge in one of Spa Imagine’s amazing treatments perfect for the season, where you can unwind and allow the talented spa therapists to revitalize your body and spirit so you can emerge with a renewed luminosity, ready for anything summer brings your way?

Spa Imagine’s Summer Recommendations:

Vitamin C Facial

This intensive facial based on Vitamin C and antioxidants aids the skin in resisting the effects of damaging free radicals which cause dehydration, sun damage and premature signs of aging.  Collagen production, which helps regenerate skin’s resilience and firmness, is triggered to promote a more youthful glow.  Citrus essence counteracts staining produced by environmental agents and reestablishes natural radiance and a firmer tone.

After Sun Intensive Treatment

Give your skin the TLC it deserves after subjecting it to the harsh effects of the sun with this restorative body wrap which features your choice of noni fruit or aloe vera, both fresh ingredients renowned for their healing abilities.  This comprehensive therapy aims to rehydrate the skin to avoid excessive peeling, administering cold towels to counteract the heat in burned skin followed with a deep hydration wrap.  A cooling spray completes this delightful therapy to soothe and nourish sun-parched skin.

Espresso Limón Slimming Treatment

Let this detoxifying treatment reinvigorate your skin’s outer layer to reveal a lustrous glow.  Beginning with dry body brushing which encourages lymphatic drainage and toxin elimination, peptides are then applied specifically to problem areas to increase collagen production and create a firmer effect.  Finally, a European-inspired Espresso Limón Slimming Oil will surround your body to refine and tone the skin.

Ancestral Hot Stone Massage

Allow your tensions to fade away as you experience this calming treatment in which heated river rocks and quartzes are placed on vital areas of the body and maneuvered to release points of stress and pressure within the muscles and joints.  The body and mind will experience a feeling of restoration as this therapy relieves chronic injuries due to exhaustion or tension, improves mobility and balances the body’s energy centers.

Chakra Balancing Ritual

This distinctive ritual stimulates a sense of balance within the body through its energy centers and meridians.  The whole body will receive an invigorating exfoliation treatment using a specialized scrub designed to revive skin and help it absorb the full effects of this healing therapy.  A masterfully executed full-body massage will prepare you for a personalized ritual including gemstones and a special blend of essential oils used to restore balance to the chakras and your body’s energy centers.


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