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Hotel Mousai Experience Evolves to Surprise the World

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Change is always a reality, especially in the hospitality industry, and by consciously deciding, day by day, where we want to go with Hotel Mousai, this continuously ushers in adventures such as we’ve never known before. With constant new improvements, the Hotel Mousai experience continues to evolve to offer better and better vacations in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico for our guests.

Improvements and change remind us that reaching for our highest goals requires no extra justification for your pleasure, relaxation, and fun, and is of course a worthy end in itself.

So, in ways both large and small, we began to change the conversation about Hotel Mousai from one characterized by the question, “Is everybody happy?’’ into “How can we please you more? and …What’s next?’’

tierraluna puerto vallarta pamoramic view

What’s next is bigger, better, and more exciting, as we strive to fulfill our resolution to become the best hotel for our guests and employees. We wish to maintain our storied reputation for excellence; we are currently the first and only Five Diamond rated hotel in the entire state of Jalisco.

In that spirit, we have embarked on an ambitious journey to build a new future. Taking full responsibility for who we are, and therefore discovering what we really are, Hotel Mousai has ventured forth to new places.

By choosing partners and opportunities, and making plans for achievement, we’ve again reinvented our dreams. Receptive to all opportunities, we are evolving to provide you unique vacation experiences. We are ready to surprise the world!

Today is the Best Day to Enjoy Life at Hotel Mousai


Hotel Mousai may well be Puerto Vallarta’s most beautiful retreat, with nothing but the turquoise Pacific Ocean in one direction, and emerald foliage and jungle at its back.

The Hotel Mousai experience has always been about sugar-white sand, two hearts beating as one, and a romantic vacation you can count on. As an adults-only hotel, staying here can be a transformative, life-changing, and luxury-filled experience.

hotel mousai best rooftop

The Hotel Mousai Experience comes from little touches, like when the ‘alegría de vivir’ (the joy of life) is poured into every single margarita, or when the fantastic food throws guests into a culinary circus of flavors, aromas, and textures.

The hotel’s three gourmet restaurants and Rooftop are renowned escapes among the well-heeled and have always had inimitable style, with extraordinary surroundings and views in all directions.

private chef at hotel mousai

Now luxury has been reimagined, and Hotel Mousai has created an impressive open-air plaza, botanical garden and entertainment park called TierraLuna within the Garza Blanca
Preserve’s lush, jungle grounds, whilst within the new South Tower, you are invited to live a sensual experience.

With a jolt of adventurous adrenaline, and possibly a small gasp of amazement, Hotel Mousai has become better than ever!

Better Than Ever


It’s been a year full of incredible milestones. Not only did we construct our new South Tower, but we also did so whilst developing the new TierraLuna.

Our team is ready to debut some of the exciting changes we’ve been working hard on over these past few months, but meanwhile, here’s a sneak peek at our exciting innovations.

The New South Tower

The new Mousai South Tower, as part of Hotel Mousai, Puerto Vallarta, is our second tower of accommodation, boasting 72 suites with breathtaking views of the Bay of Banderas, and the iconic Los Arcos granite rock formations.


The lobby is striking, with its high contrast black and white chess theme, black marble, and red accents. The designers have opted for an open concept with high ceilings, a white and gold theme on the walls, and colorful modern sofas with contrasting pillows.


The Mousai Suites are an eclectic mix of natural tones with bright accents. The design of the suites was inspired by nature´s muses. Purple is the iconic Mousai color that plays against the elegant gold and stainless-steel touches, inviting you to live within a tactile and visual, beautiful fantasy.


We’ve considered everything to extend your fantasies further, and make your stay as pleasant as possible. The electric curtains and automated lights controlled by iPad technology are our favorite features. Other luxurious features include a Nespresso machine, an Ultra-Slim 55-inch flat-screen TV, a work desk, and free Wi-Fi.


There are sliding doors to the private terrace and jetted pools, sophisticated entertainment centers, bathrobes and slippers, even pillow menus! The bathrooms feature walk-in rain showers with shower walls made of white quartz, lighted black onyx dual sink vanities, chic bathroom accessories, and custom-made signature amenities.

With its contemporary architecture and ground-breaking interior design, the South Tower is similar to the original Mousai tower, but also with all these new additions.

Mousai North and South share facilities, providing guests with an all-inclusive Pacific playground, complete with gourmet dining options, outdoor wellness activities, a world-class spa, and fitness center.

TierraLuna Gardens

TierraLuna is an innovative concept that combines the best restaurants, nature, art, and shopping into one zen-like space on the Garza Blanca Preserve. It’s a Shopping Village in Puerto Vallarta, right on the doorstep of your hotel!

To start with, continuous trolleys will pick up homeowners and resort guests from various points throughout the Garza Blanca Preserve, including Hotel Mousai. TierraLuna will also be open to locals and visitors.

tierraluna village puerto vallarta at night

The brand-new complex will feature nine boutiques, four restaurants, a family carousel, and outdoor living rooms in a naturally beautiful outdoor space.

Visitors are able to enjoy jungle views while being soothed by the sound of natural pools fed by two rivers. The enchanted place also has an outdoor deck for yoga classes and meditation, as well as a cultural forum for weddings and events.

tierraluna carousel

There are nine boutiques, including one offering locally sourced clothing, jewelry, and shoes in earth tones by minimalist atelier AMA. Other boutiques will sell Mexican handicrafts, Huichol jewelry, swimwear, and beachwear, as well as clothing and shoes by Julia and Renata and Regina Romero.

TierraLuna’s four restaurants including an Argentine Grill will feature top chefs’ gastronomic products and services, and there will even be a deli. Fresh local ingredients and flavorful international cuisine will delight and tickle guests’ taste buds everywhere they turn.

Luxury Reimagined

As well as the celebrities who are likely to show up, what makes this hotel so unique is the fact that all of us have everything we need here right now.

Whether you think Hotel Mousai is at its best as you observe the waves crashing on the sea from your balcony, or when you zip through the hotel’s lobby and head down to TierrraLuna to peruse the stunning art or shop for some gifts, our dreams have been created – and your most memorable vacation is our creation.

hotel mousai rooftop

Even if taking yourself into a comfortable seat in any of the new restaurants (where you can quickly blank and have a laugh at trying to order in Spanish,) or if heading to our new Starbucks at TierraLuna gives you a buzz, it’s totally up to you!

The point is you can totally surprise yourself every day with your own individual resort experience, perhaps never leaving the grounds during your stay if you wish.

So, breathe in, breathe out, and relax. Experiencing the new Hotel Mousai will leave you with memories to cherish and warmth in your heart.

room upgrade

As you make your own personal and professional travel plans for this year, we hope that you lift up your vacation sights to the highest goals possible.

We truly hope our evolving Hotel Mousai Experience will play a part in helping you get here.


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