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Make a Day Trip to Sayulita

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Sayulita, the charming town located north of Puerto Vallarta that was at one time just a quiet fishing village, has in recent years evolved into one of the area’s most popular destinations for day trips amongst visitors. People are drawn to this seaside gem in large part because it has such a relaxing atmosphere. If you happen to enjoy getting a closer look at the region you are visiting, you should definitely head to Sayulita. As it takes around an hour to get there from downtown Puerto Vallarta, you should think ahead about how you prefer to travel there. For the adventurous travelers out there, the local bus system can take you there but it will take longer than a car ride because buses stop frequently. A taxi is another transportation option; many travelers decide to hire a taxi driver for the entirety of their trip to and from Sayulita for a worry-free day.

After you have reached Sayulita, there are plenty of things to keep you occupied, and here are some of our top-pick activities to enjoy while you are there:

Chill on the Beach

Sayulita Riviera Maya

The beach in Sayulita is outfitted with everything from lounge chairs to hammocks, making it a great place to relax. Look for a business that will serve you snacks and beverages as you lounge the day away under the shade of beach umbrellas for the ultimate beach setup. If the sun gets too hot, make your way to the nearby water to cool down.

Try Surfing

Sayulita is known for its surf culture and inviting waves, which is why so many visitors want to give surfing a try while they are in town. You can arrange for a lesson if you are a beginner (look for surf instructors up and down the beach), or you can rent a board and venture out to the waves if you are a more experienced surfer.

Surfing on a wooden surfboard (point of view)

Sip on a Cold Drink

Whether you are craving something refreshing such as an agua fresca or limonada, or feel like a beer or an ice-cold margarita would hit the spot, there are seemingly countless businesses all along the beach where you can sip on something heavenly. Why not kick back with your travel partners and soak in the gorgeous sights around you while you toast one another to an incredible vacation with a delicious drink.

Eat Something Scrumptious


Even though Sayulita is a small town, it is home to an amazing variety of wonderful restaurants where you can indulge a wide range of food cravings. You will discover gourmet pizzas and salads, delectable fresh seafood such as ceviche or whole grilled red snapper, gigantic burritos, juicy burgers, fish tacos and so much more. When something sweet is what you are after, you can even buy piping hot churros made fresh to order right along the quaint streets in town.

Peruse the Shops


The streets in Sayulita are bursting with galleries and boutiques where you will find goods ranging from dream catchers and hand-beaded figurines to witty graphic t-shirts and handmade jewelry. Artisans also descend upon the beach or set up in booths on the street to lure you with their unique designs, which presents the opportunity to practice your bargaining abilities. Sayulita is the ideal place to hunt for one-of-a-kind treasures that will forever remind you of your time in Mexico.

Venture out for a day trip to Sayulita during your stay at Hotel Mousai and experience the delights of this seaside getaway.


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