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The ZenWalk at Hotel Mousai

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Guests at the Hotel Mousai are cordially invited to take some time out of their stay in Puerto Vallarta to connect with their inner being for an extraordinary experience. The Garza Blanca Preserve is home to more than just the hundreds of plant and bird species for which it is known; it is also home to many fine statues which were purchased by the owner of the preserve on his travels. These inspiring larger-than-life sculptures have been placed around the grounds for your enjoyment.

Know thyself!


For your ease and comfort we have created a mini guide to the sculptures’ locations providing a short description for you to consider as you contemplate each one. Some are pretty easy to find, such as those located on the paths to the BocaDos Steak House restaurant and Hotel Mousai, or those by the pools. Others are waiting for discovery deeper into the preserve, and might require some searching. This is where the mini guide comes in handy. It gives you a map and a route, should you wish to visit all the sculptures in the correct order to participate in the ZenWalk.

How to use the route as a walking meditation?

How to use the route as a walking meditation?

As one might imagine, a walking meditation involves directing our focus towards the breath as we walk consciously, one step at a time, keeping our awareness centered on the immediate experience. By doing so you will find you become acutely aware of all the elements of the world around us. By tuning into your senses you will discover that you can begin to build a sense of inner peace and tranquillity. This is what the Garza Blanca ZenWalk is all about: absorbing the beauty of the preserve, becoming one with your own body, reaching a deeper level of understanding and contemplating the meaning of each sculpture in relation to your own reality. What’s more, you will find benches at various points along the pathway where you can rest and reflect on the beauty of your journey.

If you’d like to know more you can ask your concierge on arrival for a guide.


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