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Chef Carlos Javier Leyva Sanchez is the experienced and talented chef who heads the kitchen at the Hotel Mousai’s hottest eatery; Hiroshi Japanese fusion restaurant. Hailing from La Paz, Mexico, Chef Leyva brings a wealth of experience to his role in Puerto Vallarta’s most delectable new restaurant. His taste-bud tingling dishes and flawless techniques are a tribute to his talent and flair for Japanese food.

Style, Flavor and Humility

Following his previous roles at the Villa del Palmar resort in Cancun and Nick San in Cabo San Lucas, Chef Leyva remains humble and dedicated to creating beautiful and flavorsome dishes despite his star-studded client list. Having prepared meals for Jennifer Aniston, Bono and Michael Jordan (among others) he can be considered a bona fide celebrity chef!  What really sets him apart, though, is not the stars, the experience or even his winning personality! What makes Chef Leyva so successful is his fine craftsmanship and the careful application of cutting edge culinary techniques which are used to prepare locally grown ingredients which incorporate delicious East Asian and Japanese tradition to stunning effect.

Meet the Chef

If you dine at the Hotel Mousai’s Hiroshi fusion restaurant you will most certainly meet the Chef behind the flavors. For Chef Leyva, the traditional printed menu is merely a stepping stone for a gourmet adventure and you are recommended to opt for the omakase experience where you allow the chef to serve you the best dishes of the day – no need for the menu!

I like to find out what kinds of flavors and textures our diners are looking for, so I can exceed their expectations by serving them with my recommendations,” says the chef, “I really enjoy tailoring dining experiences to each guest’s taste.”

The dining experience at the Hiroshi is celebrated as a sublime affair which showcases fresh, bold tastes and dishes crafted with love, care, and a unique flare only Chef Leyva can give. What makes his dishes so immediately recognizable is the flawless merging of powerful, punchy flavours and minimalism which produces not only unforgettable tastes, but spectacular presentations. “Besides the flavors and exquisite taste, I give a lot of attention to the details in my dishes, particularly the presentation,” he notes, “those special touches that make all the difference to give an extraordinary dining experience.”

In his illustrious career Chef Leyva has been involved in a number of culinary festivals, most recently the Puerto Vallarta Gourmet Festival 2015 where he represented Hiroshi restaurant in his role as a guest chef.


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