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Puerto Vallarta is home to a variety of exquisite boat tours. It doesn’t matter if you schedule a day or evening cruise you are in for an amazing treat on Banderas Bay.
For example, if you want to really appreciate the beauty and splendor of Puerto Vallarta’s secluded beaches, then a boat tour is the ideal method to explore hidden enclaves and sandy inlets. Your days will be filled with excitement and adventure when you embark on one Puerto Vallarta’s boat tours.
Some boat tour packages offer swimming, snorkeling, live entertainment and dancing, exotic cocktails and so much more!  If you are already in Puerto Vallarta, ask the hotel concierge, or your butler if you are staying in the Ultra Mousai suites, to schedule any number of boat tours for you. If you have yet to set out for your destination, you can plan your trip ahead by paying for boat tours online.
In the meantime, the following list is a selection of Puerto Vallarta boat tours to tempt you and get you excited about all that Banderas Bay has to offer.

Marigalante Pirate Boat Tour

Top of the list, this fun boat tour will definitely bring out the pirate in you! So get ready to hit the sea on an authentic pirate ship that offers a real pirate show. While being entertained with pirate singing, dancing, acrobatics and sword fights you can experience gourmet cuisine and a variety of beverages. Interactive games are available so you can also join in on the fun and dancing while sailing away. You will also encounter a reenactment of a pirate battle while exploring the elegant Puerto Vallarta coastline. Make no mistake about it. This pirate adventure cruise is destined to be one of the best night adventures you can have. You can also opt for a daytime pirate boat tour which is tailored for adventure, involving water sports, beach games, snorkeling,  dancing, and more!

Rhythms of the Night Boat Tours

The Rhythms of the Night cruise is a romantic boat tour designed to entertain couples or groups of friends looking for an elegant excursion. The night cruise begins by exploring Puerto Vallarta’s coastline by catamaran, arriving to Las Caletas cove, once the home of Hollywood director John Huston. Upon arrival, you will experience a beautiful scene illuminated with candlelit tables and serenaded by the song of mermaids and other mythical creatures as you are led to an outdoor amphitheater for an outstanding show that depicts tales of Mexico’s ancient civilizations expressed through dance and music. After the show, you will enjoy a delicious gourmet buffet and dining under the stars by candlelight. On your return home, more entertainment is provided on the boat so you arrive back on the shores of Puerto Vallarta, invigorated and inspired.

Princess Sunset Cruise

This romantic escapade lasts for around two hours and thirty minutes, and you are sure to agree that it is one of the most wonderful boat tour experiences you will ever have. Bear witness to the most beautiful sunsets in the world while having your pick of snacks and drinks and great company. Then just lay back with your loved one while admiring the view of the night time scene of the bay. Dance the night away on the lower deck after checking out the sunset. Time will definitely fly while you’re having fun on this elegant sunset cruise.

Las Marietas

This tropical boat tour escape takes you to Las Marietas islands that were created by volcanic activity thousands of years ago. Today, these islands are a natural wonder and an incredible location for snorkeling and scuba diving. The family will love this exciting day of music, dancing and water sports. Also enjoy snacks and drinks from the open bar while soaking in the sun. The sights you will see are awe-inspiring while on this cruise because you may get a chance to see manta rays, humpback whales (from November thu March) and dolphins as you sail.

Las Animas Boat Cruise

This cruise is a classic boat tour adventure that takes you to Los Arcos, which is a protected marine park, before heading to Las Animas beach. An open bar and plenty of music (and dancing) is available while on board the cruise.  When you arrive to Los Arcos, try your hand at snorkeling; snorkels and life jackets are provided by your guides so you can enjoy an adventure in the cool waters and experience marine life. Then, as you travel along the coast to Las Animas beach you can relax and enjoy the coastline view of Puerto Vallarta’s secluded beaches. When you arrive at Las Animas, you will enjoy a host of activities including volleyball, kayaking, lunch, swim and soaking up the sun. Karaoke fun and other entertainment also awaits you on your return journey.


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