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Tips to Travel Safely During Spring Break in Puerto Vallarta

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If you are planning a trip to Puerto Vallarta, let us help ensure you stay as safe as possible during your travels. Take a browse through the following travel safety tips to travel safely to Puerto Vallarta, so you can enjoy your spring break in a beautiful Mexican beach destination.

Drink Responsibly

Spring break is a great time to let loose and enjoy some drinks with friends. Make sure to stay hydrated though, especially if you are also spending prolonged amounts of time in the sun or splashing around in the pools. A great rule to go by is to alternate between a glass of water and an alcoholic beverage. By staying hydrated and drinking responsibly, you will avoid losing your bearings on your adventure around Mexico or experiencing heat stroke. Oh, and don’t forget your sunscreen!

Practice some Key Spanish Phrases

Knowing some basic words of the local language is essential to staying safe and getting around in a foreign country. With all the apps and online videos available today, learning a new language is as easy as can be. Learning some Spanish phrases will also help make you feel more comfortable as you explore your surroundings in a new place.

Be Prepared

A few very important things to remember to bring on your trip is hand sanitizer and a mask. By bringing your own mask, you’ll ensure you won’t miss out on any of the fun and that you’ll be protecting yourself and others. Another great way to be prepared is to look out for the World Travel and Tourism Council’s Safe Travel Stamp. This is a stamp that has been implemented to let travelers know which companies and businesses around the world have adopted globally standardized hygiene practices. When you see this stamp, you can rest assured that all COVID-19 procedures are being adhered to.

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Keep your Valuables Safe

By leaving your jewelry and other valuables in your in-suite safe, it will ensure nothing will be lost or misplaced. It will also allow you to have peace of mind if you have any concerns about your items being stolen. Flashing large amounts of cash may also attract unwanted attention as a tourist, so make sure to keep your money in a discreet place.

Learn about your Resort’s COVID-19 policy

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Several hotels and resorts in Puerto Vallarta offer on-site COVID testing. Hotel Mousai in the south of Puerto Vallarta offers discounted COVID-19 testing to all guests that require proof of a negative test to get back home. If a guest tests positive for COVID-19 during their stay, the hotel will offer discounted room-only and all-inclusive accommodation for them to extend their stay to pass their quarantine period. Guests will be required to pay for any incidentals while quarantined in their luxury suite.

Hotel Mousai is adhering to strict sanitation and public health guidelines implemented by the government, including temperature checks for staff at all entry points. You can find their full health and sanitation plan here.

Puerto Vallarta is waiting for you to come enjoy the sunshine and warm ocean waters on your spring break! Take advantage of this time off and treat yourself to a much-needed vacation. Follow these travel safety tips and enjoy a wonderful holiday!


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