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5 Diamond Hotels – What’s Behind the Stellar Rating

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Every year AAA, the American Automobile Association, sets out to rate an exclusive list of top hotels and restaurants around the world using their exclusive diamond rating system. This unique and well-known system awards only the very best hotels, giving consumers an indispensable tool when making travel decisions. Once a property has applied for AAA 5 Diamond status, an impartial reviewer from AAA will arrive unannounced to see if the hotel or restaurant meets the company’s criteria.

Proof of Excelence

Proof of Excellence
It is important to note that not all establishments who apply for the 5 diamond ranking receive a diamond award; those that do, rank among the best properties in the world. Hotels and restaurants throughout the world vie for an opportunity to be ranked among the elite because those with a five diamond rating stand out amongst the competition as the most luxurious hotels and restaurants around.

So what does a five diamond rating mean?
Five Diamond ratings are only given to a select group of hotels, making up less than 3% of the 32,000 hotels reviewed each year in the United States, Canada, Mexico and the Caribbean. Among the characteristics under review are cleanliness, comfort, security and safety, as well as the extensiveness of services, amenities and decor.

hotels that receive a five diamond rating

The hotels that receive a five diamond rating are those that represent the ultimate in luxury and sophistication. These cutting edge hotels offer first class accommodations and an overall air of extravagance in their physical attributes. In addition to superior facilities, 5 diamond rated hotels must provide exceptional guest service, surpassing expectations and providing an impeccable standard of excellence.

While receiving such recognition is extremely significant, hotels must maintain their high standards year after year in order to retain their diamond status. The mobility of a hotel’s diamond rating is one of the things that sets the AAA Diamond Rating apart from other star ratings in the world. AAA makes it their duty to ensure their recognized establishments keep up high standards with each passing year.

Lists of AAA

When viewing lists of AAA recognized establishments, one can see how long a hotel has maintained their diamond status. Results vary from establishment to establishment, such as the Broadmoor in Colorado Springs, Colorado, which has maintained its 5 diamond rating for 39 consecutive years, to world-class resorts, such as our very own Hotel Mousai in Puerto Vallarta, which is the first and only hotel in the Mexican state of Jalisco to receive the AAA Five Diamond Award to date as well as the fastest any hotel has received the award upon opening in 2015. Such exquisite success is only indicative of the amazing accommodations and first-rate service available at such resorts.


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