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Tequila Tasting at Hotel Mousai

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When you think of tequila, does the image of holding your nose while downing shots as quick as you can, followed by lemon and salt spring to mind? If so, a tequila tasting session at Hotel Mousai is set to reinvent the way you see tequila.  Become a tequila connoisseur during your stay at Hotel Mousai, Puerto Vallarta’s first and only 5 Diamond ranked resort.

Tequila Tasting at the Orange Deck

Learn how to distinguish between different brands and types of tequilas by their aromas and distinctive taste while enjoying the charm of the Orange Deck with its enormous iconic tree providing shade. This fun gourmet activity takes place each Friday at 5pm and is open to all guests staying at Hotel Mousai.*

Taste the difference

You are sure to sample some brands of tequila that you have never tasted before as you are joined by our tequila expert who will describe the various processes that take place before the tequila is bottled and available for consumption. You will learn why tequila comes in a variety of shades of gold (reposado and añejo) and how those types of tequila differ from tequila that is totally clear (silver). Not only will you become experts at distinguishing the different flavors, accents and aromas in the tequilas, you will also find out how to match your tequila to your meals.

Be sure to make your reservation for this activity with the concierge as soon as you arrive, to avoid disappointment. For your comfort and enjoyment, there is a maximum limit of participants for each sitting.

* Please note there is a charge for this activity.


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