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Oozing with originality, Hotel Mousai’s Orange Deck is a stunning outdoor space that can transform to be as versatile and lively as it is meditative and peaceful.

From yoga conventions to incentive challenges to DJ-driven cocktail receptions, the Orange Deck molds itself to chic adult fun with its iconic orange tree blazing like a symbol of vitality.

Trendy Venue for Outdoor Events

The Orange Deck offers a large outdoor space with a sizeable bar that can be adapted for all kinds of social events and get-togethers in Puerto Vallarta. Whether selected as a trendy foyer for an event held in Hotel Mousai’s The Red Room, or the chosen venue of you gathering, the stunning jungle surroundings and contemporary setting make for an incredible event space.

Celebrate an intimate wedding ceremony, lead a group meditation, present awards to your work colleagues, host an informal farewell party or honor a family reunion, the Orange Deck at Hotel Mousai Puerto Vallarta, has a breathtaking solution for you.

A Space for Peaceful Contemplation

When group events and pre-arranged conferences are not in play, the Orange Deck provides the perfect shaded area for quiet introspection or private reading, morning, noon and night. Take a moment to meditate by the orange tree in the morning, rest a while with a magazine in the afternoon or contemplate Puerto Vallarta’s stars at night.

At Hotel Mousai’s Orange Deck, chic contemporary design abounds while nature’s splendor surrounds, making for a most stylish location for rest and respite.

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