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Many of you are sure to want to stay fit and healthy even while you are on vacation at Hotel Mousai Puerto Vallarta. Possibly one of the reasons you have come to such a reputable and luxurious 5 Diamond hotel is that you expect plenty of excuses to get your blood pumping. At Hotel Mousai Puerto Vallarta we aim to exceed all of your expectations, including your fitness goals. The beauty of jungle nature preserve upon which Hotel Mousai is located is the perfect setting for your morning jog, swim, yoga, or brisk walk.

Here’s what you need to know about the fitness facilities on offer at Hotel Mousai Puerto Vallarta.

The Gym

The Gym

The Gym facilities at Hotel Mousai are state-of-the-art, but this isn’t what makes them really special; the sweeping views of the surrounding jungle landscape and ocean vistas are what really set this fitness gym apart from other gyms you will have worked-out in. You can lose your gaze in the beauty of Banderas Bay and lush jungle vistas all while reaching your cardio goals for the day. There’s also a wonderful yoga room where you can practice your technique and form in perfect tranquillity. It is the hope of Hotel Mousai’s team that you will be inspired to meet your fitness goals when you vacation here with us.

Outdoor Play and Fitness Center

Hotel Mousai offers guests the use of a stunning outdoor fitness facility which makes the most of the great Puerto Vallarta weather and wonderful setting. There are over 50 species of fruit tree native to this area, so the air is lightly fragranced, and there’s more than enough shade to relax in once you’ve taken advantage of the outdoor tennis and basketball court. There’s also an air-conditioned squash court at your disposal.

Hiking Trails

A hike or walk is always a good way to keep fit while enjoying nature. The expansive nature preserve contains pathways and trails for you to follow. The guided hikes offered by the activities team last between 1 hr 30 and 2 hr 30, and will teach you much about the local area. You’ll learn which berries and wild fruits you can eat, which plants are poisonous, how to recognize some birds by their call, and of course you’ll get your blood pumping. You are also welcome to follow these trails at your leisure.

Water Sports – Kayaking & Paddleboarding

The waters of Hotel Mousai’s Garza Blanca Beach are calm thanks to the shelter provided by a lovely seawall, and as such make the perfect place to learn how to paddle-board and/or kayak! Lessons can be taken in the shadow of the stunning Los Arcos rock formations, and when you feel confident you can paddle right up to them for a better view! If you don’t need any lessons you can simply checkout some gear and get going!


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