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New Year’s Eve Party Games for Adults

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While Christmas is a time for families and children, New Year is seen more as an adult celebration incorporating party games and a little alcohol. Across the world, social functions and get-togethers are organized, with friends compiling a list of New Year’s Eve party games that add to the festive cheer and exuberance of the occasion. Creating fun games to keep your guests entertained is easy and relatively cheap and will guarantee the success of your New Year’s Eve party, making it a talking point for the rest of the year.

Fun NYE Party Games

Here are a few new ideas and some old favorites to help your party go off with a bang, ensuring a happy new year with lots of joy and laughter:

Guess the Resolution

New Year’s Eve party games, guess the resolution

As your guests arrive at the party, have them write down a New Year’s resolution on a piece of paper and place it in a jar. As the New Year’s Eve games commence, have each guest pick one out and try to guess to whom it belongs.

Loaded Questions

One of the most popular New Year’s Eve party games is called Loaded Questions. The idea of the game is to come up with some witty or awkward questions that will put people or couples on the spot. For example: What is the most embarrassing thing your husband has ever done? Or, what did your partner wear on your first date? Loaded Questions is a super-fun game that will produce lots of laughs and strange looks across the dinner table.

Two Truths and A Lie

Two Truths and A Lie New Year’s Eve party game

Two Truths and A Lie is an easy game for adults to play and can include any number of people. The idea is for a player to tell the group two things about themselves that are true and one thing that is a lie. Everyone in the group then tries to guess which statement was the lie. Once everyone has made a guess, the player will reveal what was true and what was a lie. Usually, whoever guesses correctly will go next, and the group can take as many turns as they would like or play until everyone has a shot. This is a great way to test how well you know your friends, and perhaps find out something you didn’t already know.

A Scavenger Hunt

Everyone loves a good scavenger hunt, the excitement it builds and the friendly competition. There are a variety of printable scavenger hunts that you can download from the internet or you can create your own. They can be as easy or as complicated as you wish. A scavenger hunt game can take place in the house or garden. Clues and hidden prizes can be adult-themed, producing hilarious results. A great idea for a New Year’s Eve scavenger hunt is to create rhyming clue cards like the glittering big ball is about to drop, you’ll find the next clue where we keep the mop and you can look high, you can look low, you’ll find your next clue where we watch the New Year’s Eve show.

New Year’s Escape Room Game

Escape room game

Another really fun New Year’s Eve Party Game is Escape Room. You can find printable Escape Rooms online. offers a good one with the theme that the Old Year has hidden the New Year and that if you don’t solve the 14 puzzles in the room, you will be stuck with the Old Year forever! Clues, hints, and detailed solutions are included. Clues can be placed on the floor, on the wall, underneath furniture, etc. The game takes approximately one hour and the idea is to play the game one hour before midnight to try and bring in the New Year before your time runs out!

The Name Game

A great New Year’s Eve game played around the table or after dinner. It involves cutting up strips of paper and writing down the name of a famous person. Fold the pieces of paper and place them into a bowl. Each person will take a piece of paper and describe their chosen person to the rest of the group in their own words without saying their name. The rest of the group has to try and guess the name of the celebrity. Everyone takes a turn.

Highlights of the Year

A super fun game to play with friends and family is Highlights of the Year, a party game that includes free printables that ask questions about the best moments from the past year. Questions such as, what was your best moment of the year? Or, the hardest you laughed this year? A talking point and superb conversation starter.

Drinking Games, The Spirit of New Year

New years eve toast

New Year is synonymous with raising a glass to welcome in the new year. Many people gather in town and city centers at midnight before making their way to parties, continuing the celebrations into the small hours. In recent times, new traditions are coming to the fore. One of those is drinking games (for adults, of course). Let us take a look at some of the popular drinking games you can play:


An excellent way to begin your party is for everyone to turn to the person at their side and tell them something about themselves. Afterward, take a sip of your drink and move on to the next person. Revelations can be hilarious and is a fantastic icebreaker at parties.

Straight Face

Keeping a straight face after a few drinks is not the easiest thing to do. However, with this game, everyone writes funny or weird sentences on a slip of paper and puts them into a bowl. Once that is done, people take turns picking them out and reading out the written note. Whoever cracks a smile or laughs has to take a drink.

Straight Face game

Musical Shots

When the New Year’s Eve party games begin, let the music commence! To play this game, guests each sit in a chair in a circle and pass around a shot glass. When the music stops, the person who has the glass has to drink up.

Truth or Dare

One of the most famous party games is Truth or Dare. As the name suggests, the game is all about telling the truth or forfeiting a dare. Each player has to choose whether to share a truth about themselves or do a dare. Truth Or Dare can be a New Year’s Eve party game played with or without alcohol, but is more fun after a few drinks.

New Year’s Eve party game, Truth or Dare

If your New Year’s Eve party games include alcohol, please remember to drink responsibly and within health guidelines.

Enjoy Your NYE Celebrations and Have a Prosperous 2022

New Year’s Eve party games are now an integral part of the festive season. Whether you holiday at home or book a short vacation away, raising the roof in celebration is a certainty as we wave goodbye to the old year and see in the new. Let us all hope 2022 is a bumper year full of prosperity, health, and success. At Hotel Mousai in Puerto Vallarta, we look forward to being your host throughout the year and guarantee your stay with us will be memorable, entertaining, and luxurious.


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