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Oooo La Laaa! If shopping is your favorite sport then Puerto Vallarta is a destination where you can go to town, Just make sure to bring an extra suitcase.

Markets, Malls and Hidden Gems

Puerto Vallarta boasts super malls, open air flea markets, independent stores, craft galleries, high fashion, traditional Mexican fashion, sophisticated and funky jewelry, spice stores, piñata and candy shops and seasonal farmers markets throughout Banderas Bay. And, if you need a good dose of something you are familiar with, Walmart and Costco can help you get your basic shopping fix!

Here are some of our favorite shopping spots for those who love to shop till they drop!

Basilio Badillo

Basilio Badillo has changed so much over the years. New businesses, venues with restaurants and theatres have really put this street on the map. And what’s more, it is very convenient to reach from Hotel Mousai, just 10 minutes away. Business owners have even joined forces to plant Bugambilia plants and host a weekly Friday Night Shuffle during the high season from October through April, offering free drinks and live music outside of some stores.

If you want to chat with the locals on Basilio Badillo, the Shaw sisters, Cassandra and Candace own Cassandra Shaw jewelry and they love to say hello, show you their current designer jewelry and introduce you to one of their dozens of foster dogs that go through their shop.  Basilio Badillo is probably one of the best spots for those seeking local designer fashion (resort and swimwear), jewelry and house linen items (bedding and soap). Have fun and if your significant other gets worn out, leave him/her in one of the numerous charming restaurants to enjoy a specialty cocktail and people watch on one of Puerto Vallarta´s most popular streets.

The Malecon

The Malecon

The famous Boardwalk referred to as the “malecon” boasts many shopping offerings. Some of the best diamond shopping in North America can be found at Diamonds International located at on the north side of the Malecon in addition to a number of local jewelers run by some of Vallarta’s oldest families. Myskova Resortwear is a great original designer fashion store that has become ever so popular offering designs made in Mexico that keep locals and tourists fashionable. There are numerous handicraft shops to buy last minute trinkets or sit and enjoy an icecream on the boardwalk´s benched and purchase from walking vendors who work so hard to show you everything they have to offer.

Specialty tequila shops, leather shops are just a few of the great finds on the malecon. The evenings are most enjoyable as the weather cools down and the food vendors come out at the South end of the Malecon. Try some fun food, like deep fried hot dogs, Mexican corn in a cup, chips with chile, fruit smothered in lime and chile, snow cones and delicious thin crepes smothered in delicious local toppings.

Isla Rio Cuale Flea Market

The Isla Rio Cuale is a great spot for tourist shopping. Trinkets, handicrafts, specialty artisan items can all be found. This area is accessed by two hanging bridges or by walking down the stairs at Oscars or the River Café restaurants. Enjoy shopping in an open air and lovely environment surrounded by gorgeous plants, huge trees. Don’t forget to stop to say hello to the enormous iguanas and pelicans who call this area home.

Galerias Vallarta

If you love a great mall, then this is it! There is something for everyone at Galerias Vallarta. Casino, Liverpool luxury department store, movie theatre, food fair, kids area, and so many beautiful boutiques to choose from! Beware, you will not leave Galerias with empty hands! The air-conditioned environment is most popular during the summer and there are various food venues to choose from.

Plaza Caracol

Popular with the locals Plaza Caracol has been up and running for decades located in the heart of Puerto Vallarta’s hotel zone. With Soriana superstore as a base and a great place to pick up snacks, suntan lotion, even affordable beach wear, this mall has dozens of small shops offering clothing, shoes, trinkets, cellular phone accessories, furniture, electronics, and pretty much anything anyone could need.

The Puerto Vallarta Art Walk

If you have a passion for art, the seasonal Puerto Vallarta art walk is held every Wednesday, and yes, if you like it, you can buy art pieces and the gallery can ship your masterpiece home or your airline can assist you in the in-flight art guidelines.  The generosity of the business owner’s wine offerings helps you get in the mood to ponder and meet many of the talented artist who call Puerto Vallarta home part or full time. To print an art walk map, click here.

Market Fun

Over the past 3 years Puerto Vallarta’s market scene has grown considerably, with farmer’s markets held on a weekly basis during the high season in winter. You can find farmer’s markets in the following neighborhoods:

  • Old Town
  • Marina Vallarta
  • Bucerias
  • Nuevo Vallarta
  • Sayulita
  • Marina La Cruz.

Ask the concierge upon arrival to confirm which days of the week these markets are running during your stay and how to get to them.

La Isla shopping Mall

Stay tuned for La Isla shopping mall in Puerto Vallarta’s hotel zone. An open air shopper’s heaven.