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Gourmet Munchies at PV’s New Food Park|A new dining concept for Puerto Vallarta|A new dining concept for Puerto Vallarta|You can expect this at the Food Park

Gourmet Munchies at PV’s New Food Park

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Puerto Vallarta has a new addition to its culinary offerings: a gourmet Food Park to make the mouth water under the stars. Perfect for socializing, nibbles and fun, the gourmet Food Park in Puerto Vallarta is located opposite the Villa del Palmar resort in the hotel zone just 20 minutes from Hotel Mousai.

A new dining concept for Puerto Vallarta

A new dining concept for Puerto Vallarta

This dining concept is new for Puerto Vallarta and offers eight containers along with 3 food trucks, so everyone can eat what they are in the mood for all at one location in the open air. This is great when your group can’t decide on what to eat because this place doesn’t just have one menu specialty for snacks, but many to choose from.

A new dining concept for Puerto Vallarta

The Food Park will immediately catch your eye when you arrive as you will see a small, bright red fire truck that offers some of the best frozen drinks in Puerto Vallarta. The main terrace looks like the scene from a fairytale with its hanging lights and wooden picnic tables and the second floor sometimes serves as a stage for live music, including rock bands, mariachis, DJ’s, and other music, so you can dance, dine, and have a great time.

You can expect this at the Food Park:

You can expect this at the Food Park


The Truckaburger provides some of the best gourmet sandwiches using ground sirloin beef.

El Chef Gourmet

The El Chef Gourmet provides a variety of creations and menu choices.

II Teatro

The II Teatro provides visitors with a taste of Italy with the best pizzas and pastas in Puerto Vallarta and they also have a bar too.

Oyster House

The Oyster House provides a variety of fresh oysters and seafood dishes.

Santa Marea

The Santa Marea provides fresh seafood dishes and traditional Mexican tacos.

Anchor 21

The Anchor 21 provides a variety of seafood and taco dishes.

Black Pig

The Black Pig provides hot, mild, and a variety of wing choices along with barbecue ribs.

Kashi Sushi

The Kashi Sushi provides the best Asian cuisine dishes in Puerto Vallarta.

Park Grill

The Park Grill provides original New York steak tacos with a Mexican dishes.

I Donut Care

The I Donut Care provides customized deserts, treats, and donuts.

White Canvas Café

The White Canvas Café provides authentic Mexican coffee and treats to enjoy with the coffee.

There are always new adventures arriving in Puerto Vallarta. If you are wanting to have a great time, celebrate an event, birthday, anniversary, or just enjoy a great meal, then the Food Park is a great option.

The Food Park in Puerto Vallarta is open:
Thursday-Sunday: 2:00pm-10:30pm
Friday-Saturday: 2:00pm-2:00am


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