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Best Puerto Vallarta Sunset Locations

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Watching the sun set over the Pacific Ocean is one of the most magical and captivating parts of the day that should be enjoyed to the fullest. Every sunset is unique and inspiring, leaving one feeling grateful and optimistic for what’s ahead. Puerto Vallarta is famous for its paradisiacal tropical beauty, enchanting culture, and incredible golden sunsets that pattern the skies with breathtaking strokes of fluorescent pinks, purples, and oranges. Read our list of the best Puerto Vallarta sunset locations to visit during your next vacation!

Hotel Mousai’s Rooftop

hotel mousai rooftop

The Rooftop of Hotel Mousai is one of the best Puerto Vallarta sunset locations that’s famed for remarkable and breathtaking panoramic views of Bahia de Banderas and the vast glimmering ocean, which makes it the perfect venue to watch a magical sunset.

You can experience one of Vallarta’s sunsets from the comfort of the luxury lounge area or the stunning saltwater infinity pool as chilled music fills the warm evening air. Revel in a range of daring cocktails construed by the resident mixologist and delight in contemporary Mexican cuisine as the cityscape begins to glisten in the distance.

TierraLuna Gardens

TierraLuna Gardens is one of the best places to watch the sunset in Puerto Vallarta. This is not only due to its enviable location between the Sierra Madre Mountains and the vast blue ocean, but also due to the variety of activities that can be done on the property while one of the most amazing natural events unfolds.

In this shopping and entertainment village, while you delight your eyes with a sunset over the sea, you can taste exquisite cuts of meat in the most recent restaurant on the property, Karuma The Art of Grill; stroll through the shops in this open-air village or, the favorite of our visitors, ride the family carousel, from where you can appreciate the orange, purple and pink hues that will paint the sky of this fascinating beach destination .

El Faro Lighthouse Bar

el faro lighthouse bar in puerto vallarta

The El Faro Lighthouse Bar is situated along the elegant Marina Vallarta boardwalk and stands at an impressive 110-feet high! The bar is located at the top of the grand structure, which is accessible by use of stairs or elevator. You can enjoy a delectable variety of cocktails, beers or wine, as well as experiencing gastronomic excellence.

El Faro offers a 360-degree view, which makes it a prime spot to watch the sun set majestically over the distant Sierra Madre mountains.

The Malecon

puerto vallarta malecon

Fully immerse yourself in the charming culture of Puerto Vallarta and take a memorable evening stroll along the Malecon (‘boardwalk’), where you’ll not only get a chance to experience the golden sun setting over the alluring horizon but also check out the quaint shops, enjoy street performances, take vacation photos with the Puerto Vallarta sign, and try delicious Mexican street food, including Esquites, various types of Tacos, and Churros.

El Solar

el solar bar in puerto vallarta

El Solar – ‘Bar Solar’, is an upbeat and popular beachfront bar that’s located along the lively Playa Camarones. The stylish bar is one of the best Puerto Vallarta sunset locations due to the unspoiled ocean views and infectious spirited ambiance.

Featuring trendy music, sometimes with live performances, the bar is conveniently connected to the restaurant El Barracuda, which is ideal because you can sit, eat and drink while enjoying the unique experience of dining with your toes in the sand.

Horseback Riding

horseback riding in puerto vallarta

Delight in the unique and memorable experience of admiring the sunset while riding a horse along one of Puerto Vallarta’s picturesque beaches. The romantic activity can be enjoyed by all ages and offers the perfect opportunity to take unforgettable vacation photos, make memories, and enjoy beautiful views.

You can quite literally ride into the sunset and end the day on the most thrilling note!


yelapa beach in puerto vallarta

There is nothing quite like watching the sun set over the horizon while sitting on the beach with a cold beverage in hand. Puerto Vallarta is home to a number of stunning beaches, all of which offer a celestial sunset experience.

One of the best beaches for an overall experience, however, is Yelapa. Located south of Bahia de Banderas, Yelapa features crystalline water, powdery sands and an abundance of exotic wildlife and vegetation. There are several beach clubs and restaurants in which you can indulge in delicious traditional Mexican food and drinks, especially during happy hour!


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