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Being Gay in Puerto Vallarta

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Whether you plan to make a smart investment and live in Puerto Vallarta full time or plan to spend just a portion of your year in a sunny paradise, taking regular vacations, being gay in Puerto Vallarta offers a quality of life unlike no other city in North and South America. The LGBT community has found its vibe in Puerto Vallarta and there are many LGBT friendly places for you to spend your time.  

Being gay in Puerto Vallarta – Where to go

Mantamar Beach Club

If you love to be treated like royalty, bathe in the sun, people watch in a gorgeous setting, you will love Mantamar beach club. The most handsome men are found here and their diverse gourmet menu is a please all.

Los Muertos Beach and The Blue Chairs Restaurant

If you love the beach, letting it all go, and like a more informal environment, the Blue Chairs at the South end of Los Muertos Beach offers a party every day of the year. What happens at the Blue Chairs, stays at the Blue Chairs. Shall we say more?

Mousai Rooftop

If you like a posh environment with absolutely stunning 360 degree views, the Rooftop at Hotel Mousai is a definite must. Choose a funky and fabulous snack from our insane menu and pair it with Moet Chandon and enjoy this lavish experience for visitors of all sexual persuasions.

Carnaval PV

Every February, Puerto Vallarta boasts the Carnival PV, which is similar to the festivities of Mardi gras in New Orleans. Ongoing party and a colourful parade that moves through the enchanting streets of Puerto Vallarta bringing hundreds of people to party on the streets and celebrate!

Vallarta Pride

Every May, Vallarta proudly hosts Vallarta Pride. A week of daily events celebrating the LGBT community. Many Old Town restaurants have events during this time, making this a must mark on your calendar if you are LGBT and love to socialize with the best.

For sure, Puerto Vallarta is an LGBT-friendly destination, being gay in Puerto Vallarta can be lots of fun. Come with your love or come alone, we are sure you will find what you are looking for.


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