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5 Diamond Vacations in Puerto Vallarta

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Hotel Mousai is your first stop for the finest 5 Diamond vacations in Puerto Vallarta, where inspiration, art and the most exclusive services await you in the lap of luxury.

5 Diamond Vacations in Puerto Vallarta

The seal of approval from AAA 5 Diamond Award for 2016 stands testimony to the luxury services, ground breaking design and stunning surroundings that make up the Hotel Mousai experience where inspiration greets you at every turn. One night and you will be smitten.

Breaking records of luxury

Instagrammable spots at Mousai

This 5 Diamond hotel in Puerto Vallarta is the first and only 5 Diamond ranked resort in Puerto Vallarta and is one of a handful of luxury hotels in the whole Mexican state of Jalisco to have been granted the coveted award. Likewise, Hotel Mousai boasts the fastest time to date that any hotel in North America has been awarded the AAA 5 Diamond award upon opening, tangible evidence of just how Hotel Mousai was designed to be at the forefront of lavish comfort and fine experiences.

Vacations in Puerto Vallarta


Being currently the only 5 Diamond hotel in Puerto Vallarta, Hotel Mousai promises the very best experiences of Mexico’s friendliest city, as coined by Conde Nast. Added to the innate warmth of its people, Puerto Vallarta is a treasure trove of unique experiences, unrivalled natural surroundings, gourmet dining and art. You can certainly perfect the art of living while taking your vacations in Puerto Vallarta.

What makes 5 Diamond Vacations in Puerto Vallarta?


The AAA send inspectors to each and every hotel that applies to be accredited with the prestigious group’s seal of approval. In order to meet all of the criteria, Hotel Mousai was designed with the 5 Diamond standards in mind, careful to include all the luxuries that would make it stand out from other luxury hotels. It is important to note that just because a hotel is luxurious or claims 5 star status, it may not meet the standards of AAA 5 Diamond inspectors, which is why this award is the highest accolade a hotel can currently aspire to.

Going beyond 5 Diamond Vacations in Puerto Vallarta


Being a 5 Diamond hotel does not stop once you receive the award, but rather challenges the luxury hotel to maintain its standards while seeking to look for ways to continue to go above and beyond its own expectations and those of the AAA 5 Diamond inspectors.

For 5 Diamond Vacations in Puerto Vallarta, book a luxury suite at Hotel Mousai, Banderas Bay’s finest adults only hotel.


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