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The Perfect Gay Wedding in Puerto Vallarta

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The biggest step in any relationship is feeling that the time has come, the trust has been built, and the bond will be for life, and beyond. Getting married is one of your most magical and important moments in life and choosing the right destination is vital to turn your dreams into reality. Finding the perfect gay friendly destination and host for your wedding can be challenging, but don’t worry, we will show you a place that is just like your dreams! Plan your perfect gay wedding in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico!

Why A Gay Wedding in Puerto Vallarta?

The reasons to have a gay wedding in Puerto Vallarta are too many to single them out all. From the magical Sierra Madre Jungle, to the most romantic pink cotton candy skies on the planet for a sunset, this location is unrivaled in beauty. Making your wedding photo album already the best it can be with the colors and magic that the landscape will give you.

Sunsets in Puerto Vallarta

What makes this destination the perfect gay wedding destination in Mexico, and possibly the world, is its people. The culture and acceptance of love. Love has no distinction and Puerto Vallarta is one of the most gay friendly cities on the planet. The final piece of the puzzle that makes this destination the best for your gay wedding is the resorts you will find along Banderas Bay. Their all-inclusive offerings, wedding packages, and friendly staff will ultimately make your fairytale dream wedding a reality.

The Perfect Host for Your ¨I Dos¨

The final piece of the puzzle as we mentioned is the resort that will host your special occasion. And when we mention Puerto Vallarta, or we can also say Mexico in general, no other resort is more suited and fitted than Hotel Mousai. Hotel Mousai, which is for adults only, is located within the Garza Blanca Preserve and is the only AAA five diamond-rated hotel in the entire state of Jalisco. From impeccable luxury settings, facilities to accommodate every wish and need you request, and surrounded by natural beauty, once you experience it, it will stay with you forever because it is just magical.


The wedding planners here along with the wedding packages available are incredible, and they will look after every desire you have. Do you desire a beach wedding? The resort has easy access to a white sand beach with a picturesque backdrop of the jungle, blue waters of the Pacific, and the beautiful Los Arcos. The resort is a favorite for same sex weddings due to its ability to host a fairytale wedding and the people of Hotel Mousai really represent the values of the Hotel to the fullest.

gay weddings in Puerto Vallarta

Hotel Mousai has just unveiled its new South Tower which is a state-of-the-art masterpiece with three scrumptious gourmet restaurants and a breathtaking Rooftop infinity pool. If a beach wedding is not what you seek, the hotel offers a state-of-the-art events room, The Red Room, which is 2,831 square feet, with hand painted walls that can cater for up to 140 beautiful souls for your splendid occasion.

The Red Room

Hotel Mousai can also be flexible and accommodate whatever request you may wish! They really will say “yes” to your every request. Just do not ask if the Sierra Madre Mountains can be moved slightly, they would if it would be possible, but it isn’t; most other things are though!

You will have access to all the facilities including the pools overlooking the beach at Garza Blanca Preserve Resort & Spa and access to all gourmet restaurants of the preserve. And the new addition, as if it needed anything else, you will find TierraLuna Gardens at the heart of the resort. This new concept is one-of-a-kind and it offers a unique cultural forum for your wedding, 9 boutique shops to find local crafts, and a Farmers Market and Art Walk every Friday.

TierraLuna Village, the perfect scenery for a gay wedding in Puerto Vallarta

What makes this place magical is the three new restaurants, where you can indulge in sea and land local delicacies cooked by world-class chefs. We can easily say a gay wedding in Puerto Vallarta at Hotel Mousai will be an experience that you will never forget.

DAO at Hotel Mousai

Should you make the wise decision and choose this fairytale place for yourself, why not take the first step and get in contact with a wedding coordinator. It does not cost to be curious and more than likely this first contact will reassure you of what a beautiful day is ahead for you and your loved ones.

Smiling bride

Some Key Information Regarding Booking a Wedding at Hotel Mousai:

  • You can provisionally book a date without any commitment for seven days.
  • Get a personalized and easy to use booking platform for your guests, and yes, include your favorite picture as backdrop to the page.
  • After agreeing to the terms and conditions, a $3,000 USD guarantee is required for you to start your countdown to the best “Yes” of your life.
  • Your wedding coordinator will be there while your guests are arriving, upon ceremony start, and during the reception.

A Sunset with Rainbows

The perfect gay wedding in Puerto Vallarta

Saying “Yes” at Hotel Mousai is making a statement to yourself, to your partner, and to all your guests that you seek true love, beauty, and happiness. This gay friendly hotel supports you through every step of your special day and you will forever be welcomed at Hotel Mousai to catch the most beautiful “rainbow” sunset facing the Pacific Ocean.


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