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Visiting Puerto Vallarta during Hurricane Season


Have you ever visited Mexico in the rainy season? June through to mid-October are the months the locals know as “low season” where the rains increase and the visitors decrease. Typically, the summer months are also associated with hurricane season.

Mexico does see increased precipitation over the summer but August and September are when the more intense storms seem to pass through. In spite of this, one should not be discouraged from visiting at this time. There are some areas that are often spared from the destructive storms because of their geographical location.

Temporada de Huracanes en Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

The Tropics during Hurricane Season

Come for a visit to Puerto Vallarta! Located on the Pacific coast, this area is generally protected from damaging storms.  The shape of the bay and the ridge of the Sierra Madre mountains help to prevent the full impact of storms being felt on land here.  Many of the storms that make their way up the coast are diverted as they approach the area and are pushed out to sea because of the geography.

Banderas Bay does still experience storms, but that should not be a deterrent when considering booking your next holiday to Mexico. During the summer, the weather in Puerto Vallarta is usually very predictable and also warm and enjoyable.  

You will typically wake up most mornings to blue skies. The sun usually shines all morning and into the earlier part of the afternoon giving you the opportunity to spend time relaxing on the white sandy beaches.  In the late afternoon, the banks of clouds can be seen gathering on the horizon and inching their way inland.  

By knowing the typical weather pattern, you can easily plan around it.  Experience the tours of this wonderful city and jungle adventures during the morning and early afternoons. In the evenings get cozied up on your deck at Hotel Mousai with a drink in hand ready to watch the wondrous display the storms provide.  It really is a sight to behold as you watch nature unleash a massive lightning show over a backdrop of layered clouds. 

Advantages of Traveling to Mexico in the Summer

Many people have experienced Mexico only during the high season when there is an electrifying buzz in the air. Visitors flood in from all over the world to come and refresh themselves in the crystal blue waters and feel the silky sand between their toes.   

Puerto Vallarta’s First and Only 5 Diamond Hotel

There are others, however, who prefer to holiday in Mexico during the low season, considering it a great time of year for many reasons:

1.  The summer months bring a quieter and more relaxed atmosphere with fewer people contending for the same restaurants and searching out that free lounge chair. Overall, there are fewer people everywhere you go.  There may even be times when you are strolling the beach and there is not another soul in sight. 

2. The low season brings lower occupancy rates. This results in many venues offering promotions and significant discounts…not only on accommodations but also on dining and spa services. You may receive upgrades to rooms allowing you all the perks of a luxurious holiday experience at a lower price. 

3.  Some people may shy away from the increased humidity that accompanies the rains during these months, but the rains also bring new life.  During the dry season, the hot sun and lack of water take its toll.  Plants and grassy areas start to turn yellow and dry out. During the summer, the land experiences a transformation as the heavens open up and the rains fall.  The dust is washed away and everything feels fresh and alive. The landscape feels rich and popping vibrant colors greet your eyes. It can seem like the vegetation grows inches overnight. 

4. It’s the best of both worlds when you are able to enjoy warm weather by day and experience lightning shows by night.  Some nights it can feel like you’re at an Imax theatre watching an episode of Planet Earth!

5. From July to September the ocean waters are much clearer and warmer than during other seasons. With the underwater visibility at its best, this time of year is great for snorkeling and scuba diving. You can see farther and deeper, which increases the possibility of catching a glimpse of creatures that might have otherwise gone unnoticed.

Tropical Storms and Hurricane Safety

Puerto Vallarta is protected and not located directly on the open ocean, so its chances of being hit by a hurricane are relatively low. The last one that hit causing significant damage was Hurricane Kenna in 2002…18 years ago.

With today’s advanced technology, meteorologists are equipped with state-of-the-art satellite tracking systems that most often can alert of impending tropical storms and hurricanes so that timely precautions can be taken.  The Bay area is well prepared for natural disasters. If a storm does hit during your stay, the most important thing to remember is to adhere to the advice provided by the local authorities.

Up-to-date information is also readily available on multiple platforms.  There are well-established ex-pat communities throughout the bay area that regularly provide quality information using existing social media groups. 

Hurricane Protocols

There are a few general safety rules you should adhere to regardless of where you are when a hurricane hits:

1.        Go inland if advised by authorities

2.        Always stay indoors during the storm

3.        Find a shelter that is above ground level and has a solid foundation

4.        Stay in the interior of the building away from any windows

5.        Listen to the radio and NOAA for updates and instructions

6.        Have enough water and non-perishable foods to last a few days

Puerto Vallarta in Low Season

If you’re looking for a place to book your next summer vacation, pack an umbrella and come visit Puerto Vallarta. There are great savings to take advantage of…whether a private excursion or a room with a million-dollar view…you will have the opportunity to experience a different side of Mexico.

Current Puerto Vallarta Weather

Hurricane Season 2021

Nora, a category 1 hurricane, tried to touch the heart of Puerto Vallarta. This past August 28th, 2021 Nora visited the shores of Puerto Vallarta, causing minor problems that included heavy rains, winds, power outages, and water problems, as well as floods.

Mother Nature did her part in protecting the city. However, its citizens and tourists visiting the area were an important part of the city maintenance. People did not hesitate to help those in need, and plenty of stores and entrepreneurs are receiving food, clothes, towels and other items throughout the city.

Affected areas include downtown Puerto Vallarta and Rio Cuale, but both of them are already being taken care off and are expected to be reopened pretty soon!

At Hotel Mousai, things went as planned and no damage was caused either to the resort, its guests or its staff. Government guidelines were followed at the hotel, that’s why you can make your reservation and see it for yourself! If you are hesitant, just click here and see what this paradise has to offer!

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