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4 Ways to Find the Best Hotel Mousai Deals

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So, you are planning your luxury Mexico vacations and it’s time to think about how you can make your hard-earned dollars go farther as well as planning a fun vacation. The good news is that Mexico is a stellar luxury vacation destination where bargains abound. With some legwork and research you can find the best deals on luxury Mexico vacations without compromising on exclusivity. Here are our very best tips for getting the best deals when booking a vacation to Mexico.

Our Official Website Guarantees Lowest Prices

The lowest prices on luxury accommodations at Hotel Mousai are guaranteed when you book through this official website. Check out our special packages and add your flights for great savings on luxury vacations to Mexico. You can even subscribe to our Facebook page or newsletter so that you’re ahead of the game when it comes to the best deals for luxury.

Plan Ahead or Book Last minute?

If you’re a master planner who likes to have everything done and dusted months before its time to pack then you should look into booking your vacation upwards of a year in advance for the best deals for luxury. Doing so could net you some seriously sweet deals. Alternatively, those who thrive on spontaneity may wish to save some money and then look for last minute deals on their luxury Mexico vacations.  Doing this is risky, but can score you some phenomenal packages.

Avoid National Holidays

You might want to consider avoiding vacationing during the main holidays as prices for vacations at these times sky-rocket due to high demand. The busiest times are the summer vacation, spring break and Christmas, but keep in mind that local holidays will also affect prices.

Make your reservation during the holidays

Strangely enough, the holidays can be the best time to go looking for deals. While booking vacations for the holidays is expensive, booking during can often yield good deals as travel agents may have special deals on for things like Black Friday and Presidents Week. So keep your eyes peeled this summer; you may find a deal that’s perfect for next winter.

If you are serious about getting the best deals for luxury Mexico vacations, then subscribe to Hotel Mousai’s monthly newsletter and mailing list so we can keep you informed of our special deals.


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