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The Beach at Hotel Mousai is Fully Certified

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While you may already know that Garza Blanca Beach at Hotel Mousai is a gorgeous sight to behold, you may not be aware that it is also fully certified by the Mexican Institute of Standardization and Certification (IMNC).  This government-run program grants this sought-after classification every two years to the beaches along the shores of Banderas Bay that have proven to be worthy of the title by meeting all of the criteria required including cleanliness and other various environmental factors.  

Continuous certification

The esteemed certification from IMNC ensures that the Garza Blanca Beach adheres to the high levels established in the standard: NMX-AA-120-SCFI-2006.  The goal of this essential standard is to promote the protection and conservation of the natural environment and encourage Mexico’s beaches to remain clean and safe.  Garza Blanca Beach has complied with the standards of the certification since 2013, and its most recent renewal was granted in 2016 for the current phase running from 2016-2018.  

Endlessly high standards

A team of accredited third party experts look in on each of the beaches certified by IMNC every month and analyze them.  The team examines the beaches based on cleanliness and quality as spelled out by the law.  The criteria listed below must be met by all of the beaches that receive this highly desirable certification:

Fishing is not allowed

  • Only vegetation native to the region
 is permitted
  • Bacteria levels are tested from water samples and recorded, with the results being clearly posted on the beach

What makes Garza Blanca Beach Unique?

For years, Garza Blanca Beach has been thought of by locals and hotel guests alike to be one of Banderas Bay’s most breathtaking stretches of sand.  While most of the beaches around Puerto Vallarta feature yellow sand, Garza Blanca Beach contains incredibly soft, fine white sand that gives the surrounding water a gorgeous turquoise appearance.  

With the purpose of safeguarding the beach from erosion, the resort built a beautiful jetty last year which has helped turn the northern part of the beach into a natural swimming pool of sorts.  A variety of marine life can be spotted in the water here with or without snorkel gear and paddle boarding and kayaking here are lovely activities.  

Another amazing feature of Garza Blanca Beach is the phenomenal views of the scenery at Los Arcos, which is a group of striking rock formations that dramatically jut out of the water.  Los Arcos is so near, in fact, that it can easily be reached by kayak from Garza Blanca Beach, allowing you to explore this splendid natural habitat for marine life.  


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