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Hotel Mousai is all about breaking boundaries and creating unparalleled vacation experiences, but we are not just about doing new things for the sake of being new; we take classic beauty and translate it for modern times.

The idea of asking graffiti artist and designer, Sergio Navajas to create a piece of art for the Mousai Suites is part of that drive for new, fresh inspiration. The idea was for him to interpret the name and the essence of Hotel Mousai, incorporating the concept of the muses and how they generate inspiration, just like the hotel seeks to inspire each and every guest.

Sergio Navajas (AKA N.V.J.S)

Sergio Navajas (AKA N.V.J.S)  is an emerging experimental visual artist from Mexico City with a number of exhibitions in galleries and a festivals to his name. He has actively participated in collective shows as well as a solo exhibition selling works of art and prints. In 2014, he was invited to collaborate on a mural project for Nike in Mexico City alongside artists, Minoz, Toy 7Ö4, Seher One, Sun and Totoi.

With a degree in Fine Art, majoring in professional drawing, his work is highly technical, visually stimulating and vibrant, featuring powerful yet contemporary themes. Navajas excels at a variety of techniques such as graphite, oil, acrylic, spray painting, etching and screen printing. His current work experiments with pixelated figures and faces to express both rage and serenity in thought-provoking ways.

“Although I know I still have a long way to go and discover, for the moment I just want to ground myself and my ideas in the work I produce. I believe you are what you do.” Sergio Navajas


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