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Christmas at the Beach. Get Your Swimsuit Ready!

Swimsuit season? In the winter? Now before you run away in terror back to hibernation, consider the pros to this: Christmas on the beach, a tan for Christmas day, and a piña colada to replace the mystery glass of mulled wine that appears every holiday season. Sound like a better way to spend Christmas? Since you’re probably wondering, “How should I dress for a beach holiday in winter?”, look no further than this list to spark some festive ideas of what to rock in the sand during your Christmas at the beach.

Black Friday

How Did Black Friday Get its Name?

Have you ever wondered how did Black Friday get its name? The day after Thanksgiving is the biggest shopping day of the year in the United States, where businesses and merchants provide shoppers with amazing discounts and deals. Love it or loath it, Black Friday is here to stay; but did you know why it is called “Black Friday?”