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Best way to ease stress

Some people say that stress is just a fact of modern life. However, what if stress were a warning sign from our bodies and minds that what we are doing, or how we are living, is not good for our bodies? Mentally, emotionally, and physically, too much stress can have a lasting and severe impact, and as such it is entirely key that we practice methods of stress minimization in both the short and long term. More and more, we are put under immense pressure to earn more, buy more, be thinner, be fitter, work longer and have a better social life. For those who cannot do all of this (and that is most of us) the stress of perceived failure can be immense. The effects of such stress on your body can be very severe and include increased risk of heart problems and IBS, tension headaches, migraines, insomnia, a weakened immune system and even asthma. Here are some tips that can help combat the effects of stress as well as help to minimize the …

5 Ways to Seize the Day

The expression “Carpe diem” has Latin roots and is attributed to the Roman poet Horace. Its literal translation means ‘seize the day’, and is referenced in many books, movies and motivational speeches. It is used to urge someone to make the most of the present and take advantage of opportunities that present themselves in the ‘here and now’.


Hotel Mousai is Hosting Hecho en Mexico Again

Adults-only Hotel Mousai, along with neighboring family-friendly Garza Blanca Resort & Spa, is preparing to host its annual Hecho en Mexico (Made in Mexico) event again this coming May in celebration of the rich and diverse culture of Mexico. This remarkable event is set to be a show stopping celebration which honors the enchanting traditions and customs that have made Mexico one of the world’s most beloved and vibrant countries.     Hecho en Mexico to Return this May 2018 Although the specific details surrounding this year’s Hecho en Mexico event have yet to be released, we are excited to let guests and members at Hotel Mousai know that the celebration will run all month long in May, simulating the successful structure of last year’s event. Guests and members of both Hotel Mousai and Garza Blanca Resort & Spa will have the opportunity to peruse an incredible selection of artisanal products each weekend throughout the month of May in the Lobby at Garza Blanca. You may find yourself tempted by a range of Mexican products including …

Designer options for your vacations wardrobe in Puerto Vallarta

Look Chic at the Beach

When you are packing for your next Puerto Vallarta vacation at Hotel Mousai, you may be debating which accessories and clothing items are essential and which are unnecessary. Even though there is a decidedly relaxed vibe in the charming seaside town, you will no doubt still want to look your best throughout your stay. Your days might bring shopping at local boutiques and markets, lounging by the pool, dining on an exquisite gourmet dinner or experiencing an outdoor adventure such as a zipline tour. With such a variety of activities, you will need to pack items that will allow you to feel comfortable while looking great, no matter the occasion. Here are some items to keep in mind as you pack when chic fashion for the beach is what you are after:   A Chic Cover-up Since you are likely to spend some of your vacation time in Puerto Vallarta lounging on the beach or by the pool, you will definitely want to bring along a swimsuit cover-up that can easily be dressed up. That …

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Hotel Mousai’s Butler Omar Darío Peña Pimienta

When you choose to spend your well-deserved vacation in the lap of luxury at the stunning adults-only Hotel Mousai in Puerto Vallarta, rest assured your experience will be exceptional. Jaw-dropping views of Banderas Bay, sumptuous suites, delicious food and drinks, and unrivaled spaces dedicated to the comfort and pleasure of every guest are just the beginning of your magnificent stay in paradise. One of the ways that Hotel Mousai (which is the only hotel in Puerto Vallarta to boast the prestigious AAA Five Diamond rating) takes your vacation to new heights is by offering superb service to guests through its lavish personalized butler service. Every butler on staff takes great pride and pleasure in helping Ultra Mousai Suite guests, VIPs and celebrities who stay at Hotel Mousai create unbelievable vacation memories while visiting Puerto Vallarta. It is the goal of the hotel’s butler team to create extraordinary experiences for guests like you by anticipating your needs and providing unique and personalized service that you won’t soon forget. Read on to learn about one of the …

The ZenWalk at Hotel Mousai

Holiday or Vacation – What’s the difference?

When you hear the word holiday, it probably holds a different meaning depending on which side of the Atlantic Ocean you come from. For people who hail from the United Kingdom, the term “holiday” in British English refers to a vacation when you go away from home for some time off. For people who are from the United States or Canada, on the other hand, a holiday refers to a specific day in the calendar year that has been selected to observe a special occasion such as New Year’s Day, Easter, Mother’s Day, Thanksgiving or Christmas. Meanwhile, a vacation is a term that is used to describe going away someplace where you can take some time to relax and unwind. Whether your getaway will involve action and adventure or plenty of blissful downtime, a holiday (or vacation) is definitely something that everyone needs to indulge in from time to time. Feel Inspired by “Holiday” Regardless of the fact that she is actually from the United States, pop superstar Madonna channeled her inner Brit when she …


The Art of Design and Technology at Hotel Mousai

Hotel Mousai is one of the leading luxury hotels in Puerto Vallarta. In fact, it is the first and only hotel with a Five Diamond rating in Puerto Vallarta. As such, you shouldn’t be surprised to read that it stands at the forefront of design and technology when it comes to its suites. Suites at Hotel Mousai The suites at Hotel Mousai have all the luxuries you would expect of a 5 Diamond resort, and a few that might come as a delicious surprise! The rooms are all fully equipped with iPad friendly technology to make your life as easy as possible while you’re on vacation. If you haven’t booked your vacation for 2018 then you should certainly consider Hotel Mousai. iPad technology The iPad technology in use in the Hotel Mousai rooms has been put in place for your ease, and as such gives you immediate access to some of the hotels services. This means you can order room service, book a spa treatment, reserve a table at the restaurant and view the phone …