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Read about how fun Mexican snacks, gourmet all inclusive packages, a la carte dining and signature cocktails tempt the taste buds at Hotel Mousai.

Blanca blue restaurant dish

Puerto Vallarta’s Restaurant Week 2021

Get ready, it’s time for the most exciting event of the year for all foodies and food lovers! We are just a day away from Puerto Vallarta’s Restaurant Week 2021. This year, the festival celebrates its 17th anniversary, and promises to be better than ever, especially after a challenging year. During Restaurant Week, Puerto Vallarta becomes a city full of people ready to be amazed by some of the best dishes prepared in the best rated restaurants in the bay, that’s what makes it one of the most acclaimed culinary festivals nationally and internationally.

Bocados Steak House one of the best gourmet restaurants in Puerto Vallarta

Why All-inclusive makes sense at Hotel Mousai

As you weigh your options regarding your next getaway to Hotel Mousai in Puerto Vallarta, you are likely debating whether to go with the all-inclusive plan or the a la carte European plan (which only includes your suite) during your stay at the AAA five diamond rated property. Considering Hotel Mousai offers one of the most impressive luxury all-inclusive plans around, your vacation is sure to be spectacular when you choose to take advantage of its simplicity. Read on to see why all-inclusive makes sense at Hotel Mousai! When you choose the all-inclusive plan, you will have an amazing array of gourmet food and drink options at your fingertips, not to mention plenty of activities and entertainment to enjoy. The all-inclusive plan is a fantastic way to streamline your vacation experiences and make every moment as carefree as possible. Instead of needing to pay each time you dine in the resort’s restaurants or have a drink at the bar or by the pool, you can simply show your all-inclusive bracelet and relax. Furthermore, you won’t …

Best Gourmet Restaurants in Puerto Vallarta

10 Best Gourmet Restaurants in Puerto Vallarta

Are you making plans to visit Puerto Vallarta? Well then, you must enjoy the gourmet cuisine that Puerto Vallarta has to offer at some of the best gourmet restaurants in Mexico! Puerto Vallarta is a charming town located on Mexico’s Pacific coast in Jalisco. It is recognized for its sensational beaches, marine life, the water activities you can enjoy, the fantastic resorts, and its incredible gastronomic scene.

Omakase Returns to Hiroshi Restaurant

Japanese Omakase – Explained

A savvy way of dining when you want to lead your palate on a sensual voyage at the best sushi restaurants,  a la “omakase” is a way of dining that allows your chef the freedom to perform at his or her best and take your taste buds to places they have never reached before. Why? Kase it’s delicious! Omakase may sound very elegant in essence, but it is simply the Japanese word for saying something like “chef’s choice” or “I’ll leave it up to you.” The word “omakase” has its roots in the the verb “to entrust” meaning that you trust the chef to deliver a medley of quality flavors. Therefore, omakase is best experienced at the top restaurants where you can truly “trust” the chef to deliver something spectacular. Ask your waiter to serve your Japanese meal omakase and you will be in for a real culinary ride. Hot, cold, fresh, or fried. There is something to enchant everyone during the omakase experience. Leave the decisions up to the experts – he or she …