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Read about how fun Mexican snacks, gourmet all inclusive packages, a la carte dining and signature cocktails tempt the taste buds at Hotel Mousai.

New Menu for Hotel Mousai Guests

When you book a vacation at Hotel Mousai in Puerto Vallarta, you can look forward to 5 Diamond quality, which includes the ultimate luxury, curated comfort, a wide array of amenities, and impeccable service. At Hotel Mousai, guests can also get excited about the best culinary experiences full of flavors that will leave your taste buds tingling.

Where to find the Best Tacos in Puerto Vallarta

Mexico is known for its tacos. Historically, tacos have been a staple in Mexican food dating back to ancient times. These corn-based wraps are adored by both locals and visitors alike, and are one of the meals of the Mexican people that have won over the taste buds of the world. When visiting Puerto Vallarta, the question many ask is “where can I find the best tacos”?

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Hotel Mousai’s Hiroshi is Best InMexico

In September of this year, InMexico Magazine hosted their annual Best InMexico contest, collecting the very best in luxury resorts, romantic getaways, spas, customer service, restaurants and so much more and putting them to a vote. They listed the top selections in each category and then handed it over to the public to decide who really was the very best. The competition was fierce as the people chose which locations had left that indelible mark of perfection in their memory. The Best Sushi & Ceviche in Town Under the very specific category of Best Sushi/Ceviche in Puerto Vallarta, Hotel Mousai’s Hiroshi: Contemporary Japanese Cuisine was pitted against nine other excellent restaurants in the city. Many of the final tallies were incredibly close amongst the other contenders showing them to be equally tasty options. But we are very proud to announce that Hiroshi received more than double the number of votes over all other contestants. We were unequivocally chosen as the very best sushi and ceviche restaurant in all of Puerto Vallarta. We believe every moment …


Omakase Master Chef Menu Returns

The prestigious Hiroshi Contemporary Japanese restaurant will be hosting its third annual Omakase event from October 1 – 6, for a select number of guests and members at the distinguished Hotel Mousai. Guests staying at Garza Blanca are also extended the invitation to this prestigious master feast. The culinary spectacular has garnered the attention of gastronomical connoisseurs around the world with its annual invitation of master chefs and award worthy menu selections. For those new to this flavor filled, chef’s table experience, the particulars of the custom are held in the definition of Omakase. The Japanese word stems from the verb to entrust and has now been delegated to menus across Japan for those who wish to order the chef’s choice. Omakase at Hiroshi is culinary perfection as special guest Master Chef Hiroshi Shima has come to create, alongside Head Chef Carlos Leyva, a multicourse menu designed to invigorate and tantalize even the most discerning food critic. Chef Shima trained with culinary masters throughout Kyoto for 15 years before migrating to Los Angeles to infuse …

Dressing Up for Decadence

Vacation is a time when most of us look forward to looking great at every turn, no matter what our days and nights may bring. Whether you are debuting your finest looks for special dinners out or strutting your stuff in some splashy swimwear while on the beach, enjoying a getaway in Puerto Vallarta will offer you endless occasions to put your most fashionable foot forward. When you choose to stay at super-chic Hotel Mousai, you will certainly feel inspired by the sophisticated surroundings, where you will want to up your style game and dress to impress. There are several incredible on-site restaurants where you can dine from morning until night, so to get you more familiar with the dress codes for each eatery, we have come up with this brief overview to let you know what to expect. Here’s what to know when dressing up for decadence: Hiroshi Serving contemporary Japanese cuisine, your palate is in for a treat no matter what you order here. The dress code is in keeping with the trendy …

A new dining concept for Puerto Vallarta

Discover the Best Cocktails in Puerto Vallarta

When you are looking for a fun destination to visit in Mexico, Puerto Vallarta should definitely be at the top of your list! Famous for its gorgeous beaches, outdoor activities, friendly hospitality and lively nightlife scene, it draws vacationers from around the world. Although the city’s incredible food is a highlight for visitors, its delicious cocktails are just as noteworthy. Puerto Vallarta is filled with watering holes that range from chic martini lounges to dive bars, so which places should you make it a point to visit? Take a look at some of our favorite venues for the best cocktails in Puerto Vallarta: Signature Cocktails at Hotel Mousai When you book your next vacation at Hotel Mousai, you can look forward to an incredible variety of signature cocktails served up at locations around the hotel. Savor a cocktail at the Rooftop Pool during some daytime poolside fun, or toast to a breathtaking sunset in the evening. Whether you have recently arrived at the hotel, feel like mingling or crave a cocktail before or after a …

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Why all-inclusive makes sense at Hotel Mousai

As you weigh your options regarding your next getaway to Hotel Mousai in Puerto Vallarta, you are likely debating whether to go with the all-inclusive plan or the a la carte European plan (which only includes your suite) during your stay at the AAA five diamond rated property. Considering Hotel Mousai offers one of the most impressive luxury all-inclusive plans around, your vacation is sure to be spectacular when you choose to take advantage of its simplicity. Read on to see why all-inclusive makes sense at Hotel Mousai! When you choose the all-inclusive plan, you will have an amazing array of gourmet food and drink options at your fingertips, not to mention plenty of activities and entertainment to enjoy. The all-inclusive plan is a fantastic way to streamline your vacation experiences and make every moment as carefree as possible. Instead of needing to pay each time you dine in the resort’s restaurants or have a drink at the bar or by the pool, you can simply show your all-inclusive bracelet and relax. Furthermore, you won’t …


The Storied Past of the Margarita

The cocktail most synonymous with Mexico is easily the margarita, but how did the now-classic drink come to be? The original margarita contains ingredients including tequila, triple sec (orange-flavored liqueur) and fresh lime juice. The refreshing beverage is usually served on the rocks (shaken and served over ice) or frozen (blended with ice to create a frosty concoction). The original margarita is lime flavored, and it is often served with a salted rim, as are several other flavors that now exist. Over time, the margarita has evolved and fruit flavored varieties are extremely popular as well, with flavors like strawberry and mango being the top choices besides the classic made with lime. Although the history of the Mexican margarita is unclear to this day, there are several tales of how the drink was invented, most of them involving an enchanting woman. Take a look at some of the tales that wish to account for the storied past of the margarita: Inspired by a Showgirl Dating back all the way to 1938, this tale about the …


Puerto Vallarta’s Best Tacos

As you prepare to vacation in Puerto Vallarta, you are probably already trying to decide what and where to eat in this culinary mecca. When traveling to Mexico, it is a must to eat some tacos while you are there, and Puerto Vallarta will not disappoint when it comes to your taco cravings! From upscale dining to street food, tacos are seemingly everywhere you turn with fillings ranging from freshly caught seafood to grilled meats and vegetables. Even if you have dietary restrictions and need options like vegan or gluten-free tacos, you are bound to find a taco that will satisfy your taste buds. Take a look at some of the top places to find the best tacos Puerto Vallarta has to offer: Tacos Revolucion Whether you happen to be a carnivore or a vegetarian, you will definitely find something delicious at this friendly family-run taco spot. If you cannot decide which kind of tacos sound good, this is the perfect place to go since they serve so many types, from meaty tacos with chicken …