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Tips on how to let your mind, body and soul be pampered at Hotel Mousai’s Spa Imagine, and how to get the blood pumping at the Gym and Outdoor Play Center.

Hydrotherapy 101: What is it? Is it Helpful?

From Russian bathhouses, to Mexican hot springs…. from Finnish dry saunas, to Turkish baths – people all around the world love physical interaction with water. Water, the tiny molecule made up of two parts hydrogen and one part oxygen (H20), can heal our bodies and minds during what’s known as a hydrotherapy session. Don’t know anything else about hydrotherapy? Then it’s time for Hydrotherapy 101. It’s never too early or too late to learn about the healing benefits of water, and how it can be used as a feast for your senses. 

Easy gym routines

Easy Gym Routines to Stay Fit While on Vacation

Are you planning your next amazing vacation, but want to stay in shape while enjoying it? Perfect! There are many easy gym routines you can do! We realize that when you are on vacation, the last thing you want is to feel like you are tied to your usual training routine. I mean, you are on vacation! But there are still some easy gym routines you can do to stay fit that won’t interfere too much with your vacation plans.

Yoga on the beach

Benefits of Practicing Yoga on the Beach

It is well known that being by the ocean has great benefits for your health and mental well-being. A sea getaway helps you de-stress, boosts your immune system, and improves your mood. Moreover, it can be a great opportunity to escape, recharge, and relax. But there is one activity that lets you enjoy the sea in a peaceful way, yoga on the beach.

Wellness Retreats 2020 at Hotel Mousai

Every year, guests of Hotel Mousai and Garza Blanca Preserve Resort & Spa in Puerto Vallarta are invited to participate in wellness activities hosted by Spa Imagine. Wellness 2020 took place between November 23rd and November 28th. Throughout the week, guests had an opportunity to experience activities dedicated to harmonizing the body, mind, and spirit.

Golf in Puerto Vallarta

Golfing as Exercise

Modern golf is a very popular game whose origins are still debated to this very day. Nonetheless, the majority of historians believe that it was first played in 15th century Scotland where it was presented at the royal court. Others have suggested, however, that it might have origins in the early Roman period. In any case this is a game with serious heritage, and yet the debate still rages on as to whether your can really consider golfing as exercise. What do you think? If you’re looking at the very basics, those being the amount of calories you burn during the game, then it’s hard to deny that golf is exercise. The Rose Centre for Health and Sports Sciences conducted a study recently which has shown that players averaged around 721 calories when they walked and carried their clubs as opposed to using a cart (at this point the average was 411). Considering that the average course entails only 2.5 miles of walking, it’s pretty easy to see that the swing is responsible for a …