Puerto Vallarta

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6 Activities to Gift this Christmas in Puerto Vallarta!

Unmissable experiences await if you decide to spend Christmas in Puerto Vallarta. Your holiday will be enhanced by the time of year, and you can be exploring the ocean waves – where sunsets, fuchsia skylines, and bubblegum pink clouds await.


How to Choose the Best Hotel For You

Making sure you pick the best place and pillow to rest your head on will give you more than a good night’s sleep. Sifting through the numerous options without a guide can take time and energy, so here are some great pointers on how to choose the best hotel for you. 

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The Hottest Gay Bars in Puerto Vallarta

Just a couple of minutes south of the famous Malecon you will find the Zona Romantica or “Romantic Zone”, Puerto Vallarta’s gay hub. The Romantic Zone is located in the heart of old town Puerto Vallarta, the neighborhood’s name is perfectly suited, once you step into the area you will see art, party, celebration, great food, but overall love and inclusion.

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TierraLuna: An Impressive Brand New Development in Puerto Vallarta

Tafer Hotels & Resorts is pleased to announce that the grand opening of TierraLuna is nearly here! Scheduled to open this summer 2021, TierraLuna is a brand new open-air space where artistic, social, and recreational activities will be held on the Garza Blanca Preserve in the south of Puerto Vallarta.

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Best Hiking Trails in Puerto Vallarta

Puerto Vallarta, Mexico is famous for its crystalline waters and idyllic white sand beaches but often, its incredible hiking trails are not triumphed enough.

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Best Sierra Madre ATV Experiences in Puerto Vallarta

One of the top experiences to be had in Puerto Vallarta is embarking on an exciting ATV tour through the tropical rainforests! Journey into the depths of the enchanting Sierra Madre mountain range on the back of a mighty ATV and explore breathtaking scenery. Catch sight of quaint Mexican villages as well as an abundant and diverse array of flora and fauna.

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Top Lesser Known Beaches in Puerto Vallarta

If you’re looking for a more relaxing beach experience with less crowds, then it’s time to plan a fun day trip south of the tourist center and visit some of the more picturesque and lesser known beaches. These must-see hidden beach gems are located within 13 miles of the city center.