When it comes to spa treatments, your best bet is not always the one you are used to. Although there are benefits in going back to tried and true procedures, there is always something new to check out within the wellness industry. Come along on this step-by-step journey of the Binary Premium Treatment. This is a non-invasive treatment with aesthetic, medical, and wellness benefits beyond the imagination.

Mexico: Beauty & Relaxation

Perhaps a glorious spa treatment is not the first thing that comes to mind when thinking about heading down to Mexico for a vacation. But you’d be surprised! There are plenty of top-notch spas that you can take advantage of.  

Hotel Mousai has Binary Premium Treatments
Hotel Mousai in Puerto Vallarta

Suppose you’re planning a trip to Puerto Vallarta. In that case, you can’t miss the opportunity to pamper yourself at the impeccable Spa Imagine located in the lavish Hotel Mousai. You will have the chance to choose from an extensive spa menu: mix and match therapies, facials, massages, and rituals according to your mood and personal necessities. 

What is the Binary Premium?

With the previously mentioned, you can also indulge in the spectacular and technologically advanced Binary Premium by RÖS’S Treatment. This non-invasive spa treatment caters to a wide variety of needs due to its tremendous versatility.

Binary Premium Treatment
Binary Premium by RÖS’S

By using non-invasive electrostimulation and both capacitive and resistive diathermy, this device provides a one-of-a-kind experience. The possibilities are absolutely endless! From treating burns and helping in the recovery of muscle wounds to skin firming and muscle toning, you can really have it all.

The anti-aging non-invasive aesthetic treatments that the Binary Premium can provide are without a match.

The Binary Premium Experience

Although no two treatments are the same because the best experiences are always tailored, there are specific results that stem from a Binary Premium Treatment.

Binary Premium Treatment at Hotel Mousai
Spa therapist during a Binary Premium treatment.

Binary Premium provides various techniques through biostimulation, including electro-lifting, electro-firming, and electro-sculpting. These treatments oxygenate the skin and underlying tissues, creating an anti-aging effect.

Another Binary Premium Treatment available is through pulsed energy. This allows for better tissue regeneration by activating or decelerating the cellular pulse. Electrostimulation is an exceptional ally when looking for real results in the renewal and recovery of skin and muscle cells.

Benefits of the Binary Premium

Smiling woman with a hand on her face

Binary Premium treatments are great for aesthetic purposes and have great results for the body, such as: 

  • Better toned body 
  • Lifting 
  • Contouring
  • Recovery from burns 
  • Diminishing the appearance of stretch marks and scars
  • Reduction of cellulite and appearance of capillaries 

Yet, the best non-invasive face treatments can also be performed with this fantastic technology with dependable results. Some of these are: 

  • Facial contour remodeling 
  • Skin regeneration and dermal recovery 
  • Reducing the appearance of laughter lines and deep wrinkles 
  • Lessening double chins  
  • Tightening the skin to avoid sagging skin on the face and neck  
  • Eliminating bags under the eyes 

Other remarkable advantages of the Binary Premium treatment are related to pain management and have been unparalleled by other technologies. Physiotherapists and masseuses alike have been taking up this incredible tech to help with issues such as: 

  • Relief from muscle aches 
  • Sports rehabilitation 
  • Recovery of the pelvic floor 

Binary Premium: Wellness, Step by Step 

The Binary Premium offers two types of treatments. You can opt for a facial treatment, a body treatment, or both. With the facial treatment, the therapist uses a pulsed energy system called the BI-TEC system with electrodes that emit a high-frequency signal to activate or slow down cell pulse. The therapist uses a hand-held device with electrodes attached and moves it in a smooth and circular motion over your entire face and neck. The capacitive current brings you unprecedented results including dermal recovery, oxygenation, regeneration of cells, and nutrition.  

For the body treatment, the therapist applies electro-stimulation bands to target specific muscles. This electro-stimulation activates general metabolism and microcirculation and stimulates the sympathetic nervous system, which aids in the removal of fat and its drainage, volume reduction, and muscle toning. 

The step-by-step sequence includes:

  • Capacitative biostimulation
  • Resistive biostimulation
  • Electrolifting
  • Electro-lipolysis
  • Electro-stimulation

Binary Premium Journey

Treatments with this high-tech gadget can also promote relaxation and wellness. Imagine walking into the extraordinary spa session you booked at the magnificent Spa Imagine. You’ll be received by perfectly trained personnel who will give you a Purifying Massage to restore your energy by combining techniques to rebalance your cell pulse.

Moving on, you’ll get a Slimming Firming Body Treatment using electro-lipolysis, helping remove and drain fat without going under the knife.

Next on the list, you can get a Dorado Illuminating Facial. A non-invasive facial treatment, with the help of collagen, will redraw your facial contour, improve the density and firmness of your skin, and deeply hydrate your face.

Relaxed woman with a hand on her face

Part of the Binary Treatment includes an electro-lifting facial. By employing pointer electrodes, the blood flow in your skin will be activated. This will revitalize tissues, improve muscle tone, and reduce expression lines. All these, with great precision and no incisions.

The Verdict is In

The staggering results of receiving a Binary Premium Treatment are immediately noticeable. They don’t just last a couple of hours or days, but weeks. Leaving you with radiant and soft skin, lessening stress, and promoting wellness through the loosening of tight muscles, the outcome of this treatment is impressive, to say the least. 

Smiling woman touching her face with her fingertips

Transform the way you relax and how you imagine a spa treatment! The latest technology is, without a doubt, making a change in the way people think about beauty procedures and spa experiences.  

Don’t hesitate and try out the exceptional technology that makes beauty and wellness a breeze! You won’t regret it! Book a stay at Hotel Mousai! And don’t miss out on the opportunity to get to know its beautiful Spa Imagine and state-of-the-art Binary Premium Treatment.