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Hotel Mousai awarded TripAdvisor Certificate of Excellence in 2018

Hotel Mousai has received a TripAdvisor Certificate of Excellence for 2018. Certificates of Excellence are granted to hospitality accommodations that have been listed on TripAdvisor for at least 12 months and have an overall bubble rating of four out of five, or higher. The overall bubble rating is a summary all of the ratings from guests who reviewed the establishment.

Three bubbles are considered an “average” rating and five bubbles is an “excellent” rating. Hotel Mousai currently has an overall rating of five bubbles, with 655 reviews, and it is currently rated the number three hotel in Puerto Vallarta out of all hotels on TripAdvisor.

Hotel Mousai has a track record of excellence, and this is reflected in the many positive reviews of the resort on TripAdvisor. Eighty-eight percent of all reviewers gave Hotel Mousai five bubbles.

“Guest comments on TripAdvisor inspire us to keep making our guest’s satisfaction possible,” said Cecilia Bustos, the General Manager of Hotel Mousai.

TripAdvisor and sites like it are now important tools utilized by the hospitality industry to communicate with customers understand their needs. Receiving consistent good reviews on the site is an important indicator that Hotel Mousai is meeting and exceeding the needs of guests traveling to Puerto Vallarta.