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Apple’s Golden Child – the New MacBook

Needless to say, we just love the New MacBook design!

At Hotel Mousai, it is obvious to see that we have a penchant for both gold and Apple products with gold featuring prominently in our hotel design and iPad responsive technology in each of our sassy suites.

Not only does gold speak of lavish taste and the ancient riches of pre-Hispanic Mexico, it sparkles in the sunshine and reflects our human desire for abundance on all levels, both inner and outer. With the launch of Apple’s brand new MacBook, it is clear that gold is definitely back in fashion; not to mention that it comes with a sleeker designer, better functionality and edge-to-edge screens for vibrant work, play and connectivity.

However, while nowadays your choice of computer and cellphone might speak volumes about your sense of taste, there is nothing more indicative of your unique style and vision than the places you visit on vacation.

Choose your vacations like you would choose your cell phone, let your experiences reflect who you really are, living life to the full like a vacation artist – there is always that perfect spot to upload a selfie at Hotel Mousai or write your own blog!