Stay Safe at Hotel Mousai

There is a new travel advisory that has been released by the United States on the subject of travel to Mexico for its citizens. Although the country’s security alerts still raise concerns, we are pleased to share that there have been no travel restrictions placed on Puerto Vallarta, which happens to be one of the most beloved tourist regions in Mexico. Thanks to its gorgeous jungle topped mountains, glittering Banderas Bay waters, and warm, sunny weather, it has been a favored tourist destination for decades. It is famed for its welcoming atmosphere, and it also happens to be one of the safest spots in which to spend a much-deserved vacation. The city is so safe, in fact, that it was not included on the previous travel advisory’s list of places to avoid in Mexico, either. You can feel great about booking your next vacation at Hotel Mousai in Puerto Vallarta knowing that you do not need to worry about safety concerns.

Puerto Vallarta Focuses on Safety

Due to the fact that Puerto Vallarta is such an in-demand area for tourism, the safety of the city is something that the local officials have long focused on. Well known as a safe place to travel for tourists visiting from around the globe, Puerto Vallarta is protected by local, state, and federal police forces who are dedicated to ensuring it is safe. While it may seem odd when you first see them, the presence of plentiful police officers who are constantly patrolling the streets is definitely a positive thing. These officers are committed to making sure that safety isn’t something that people should have to worry about, whether they are tourists or locals.

Stay Safe While Traveling

When you are about to travel, it is always good to remember some basic travel safety tips, no matter where you are headed. These tips are not only helpful when you are heading to Mexico, they can be used anywhere on the planet, and even in your own country! Of course, remaining alert and using your common sense should always be the foundation of a safe travel experience. If you will be driving, you should consider traveling on the road during daylight hours. You may want to plan any travel at night by Uber or taxi, just to be on the safe side. Be cautious and designate someone in your travel group to stay sober when you visit local bars, casinos or nightclubs. It is also wise not to split up from travel companions when out late at night. Be careful to shield the screen and keypad when you withdraw money from an ATM (we strongly suggest only using ATMs that are located at your resort or at reputable local banks). Avoid carrying excessive amounts of cash on you, and steer clear of wearing expensive or flashy watches or jewelry that could attract unwanted attention.

Safety First at Hotel Mousai

When you book your vacation at Hotel Mousai, you can look forward to staying at a property that is totally exclusive and private for guests. You and your travel companions will be able to fully relax in the sumptuous comforts of the hotel since it is located within a very secure environment. The entrances to the resort have guarded gates that ensure only guests are allowed inside. Your safety is of utmost importance when you are a guest at Hotel Mousai.

Since Puerto Vallarta continues to be safe for travel in Mexico, you can plan your next getaway to incredible Hotel Mousai and bask in its modern elegance without worry!