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Price List Spa Imagine

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First Chakra Experience - Thai massage 90 min $279 usd
Second Chakra Experience - Aromatic candle massage 90 min $279 usd
Third Chakra Experience - Herbal therapeutic massage 90 min $279 usd
Fourth Chakra Experience - Ancestral cocoa ritual 90 min $279 usd
Fifth Chakra Experience - Purification 90 min $279 usd
Sixth Chakra Experience - Shidodhara 90 min $279 usd
Seventh Chakra Experience - Balancing ritual 90 min $279 usd
Facials Time Price
The Diamond experience facial 90 min $299 usd
Spa Imagine facial 50 / 80 min $169 / 189 usd
Vitamin C facial 50 min $169 usd
Four layer facial 80 min $199 usd
Vita Cura firming facial 5 phases 80 min $199 usd
Deep cleansing facial 80 min $199 usd
Beauty flash facial 30 min $95 usd
The soul connection 100 min $435 usd
Love rekindle ritual 50 / 80 min $398 / 459 usd
Peaceful paradise of love spa experience 80 min $459 usd
FOR MEN Time Price
For him facial 50 min $169 usd
Golf ball sport massage 50 / 80 min $168 / 198 usd
Gentleman spa package 130 min $289 usd
Relaxing massage 50 / 80 min $158 / 189 usd
Deep tissue massage 50 / 80 min $168 / 198 usd
Mom to be massage 50 min $158 usd
Aromatic reflexology (Hand & foot) 50 min $158 usd
Therapeutic massage 80 min $199 usd
Ancestral hot stone massage 80 min $199 usd
Four hands massage 50 min $289 usd
The ultimate back massage 30 min $99 usd
Body Treatements Time Price
Body scrub a la carté 30 min $89 usd
Soothing sun healthy remedy 50 min $189 usd
Green tea & seaweed body wrap 50 min $189 usd
Vitamin C body wrap 50 min $189 usd
Waxing Time Price
Eyebrow, upper lip or chin $20 usd
Bikini $45 usd
Under arm $28 usd
Back or chest $78 usd
Full arm $50 usd
Half arm $35 usd
Full leg $70 usd
Half leg $50 usd
Pomegranate & cucumber manicure 40 min $50 usd
Pomegranate & cucumber pedicure 50 min $68 usd
Spa Imagine Luxury Manicure 60 min $70 usd
Spa Imagine Luxury Pedicure 70 min $89 usd
Nail Polish $30 usd
Gel Polish $49 usd
Fix or removal per nail $6 usd
Hair treatment $89 usd
Shampoo & blow dry $65 usd * / 75 usd **
Blow dry & style $69 usd * / 79 usd
Short* / Medium to long**
Hair cut women $65 usd
Hair cut men $45 usd
Make up $92 usd
Airbrush make up $119 usd

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