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Zen Walk

Soul Searching Activities

You will quickly notice that the Garza Blanca Preserve where Hotel Mousai is located is dotted with inspiring sculptures which have been placed carefully to provide the greatest harmony and the smoothest and most favourable circulation of energy around the resort.

If you wish, a guide can take you on a tour of the statues, helping you to familiarize yourself with the route. They will also offer a little insight into the significance and power of each sculpture and how it relates to its position. It is recommended that after this first tour you re-walk the route alone for an uninhibited or interrupted meditative experience. Taking a moment to reflect on each statue will deepen the aura of tranquillity you experience.

This walking meditation, helped by breathing exercises and the correct state of mind can help you to find a connection to the world around you that is truly remarkable. At benches dotted along the route you can stop to consider the majesty of the journey you are on through space and time.

All the sculptures were hand-picked by the owner of the Garza Blanca on various travels to the east.

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