Puerto Vallarta International Gourmet Festival

International Gourmet Festival
Puerto Vallarta

Come and enjoy the gourmet creations of our esteemed guest chefs

Hiroshi Restaurant
Prepared with delicacy, precision and originality, Hiroshi’s menu gracefully showcases the eclecticism of contemporary Asian cuisine.
Open from 6:00 to 11:00 PM.

Tuna Cracker
Yellow fin tuna belly served on rice cracker, avocado slices, habanero and spicy mayonnaise infused, red onion and sesame seeds.
Gyoza Ume Yasi
Won-ton stuffed with mix vegetables and dried fruit, served with plum sauce and sweet sake.
Enzui Sake Sashimi
Fine cut salmon sashimi with enzui cilantro sauce and chiffonade edge and caviar.
Kara-Age Maki
Maki soft-shell crab wrapped in mamenori, masago, herbs with thai green curry sauce.
Hiroshi Nikkei Sashimi
Slices of fresh white fish and coriander accompanied with yuzu juice and smoked rocoto paste.
Kuro Tara Supaisu
Black cod with shiro miso glaze served with five spices sauce and rice cracker.
Angus Filet Rocoto
Angus beef filet with baby vegetables and red anticucho sauce.
Green Tea Chocolate Sphere
White chocolate sphere with ginger mousse and green tea infusión and cookies.
Chef Carlos Leyva
Expert Chef in fine Japanese and Asian Cuisine.
Bocados STK
Reinventing the classic steakhouse with a modern twist, BocaDosSTK offers small succulent bites and the best imported cuts to share.
Open from 6:00 to 11:00 PM.

Octopus Salad
Avocado and guajillo vinaigrette.
Tuna wrapped with banana
Marinated with local spices and fresh strawberry salad with yellow chilli.
Cochinita pibil Gyosas
Pork leg marinated with spices accompanied with “xnipec” salsa.
Roasted Seabass
Accompanied with salicornia sauteed with mirin, achiote rissoto and root beer plant coulis.
Pork Belly with “Relleno Negro”
Pork belly with plantain puree with “relleno negro”.
Chef Alfredo Bazán
Expert Chef in Fine Cuts and Mexican delicacies.
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