Hotel Mousai Tripadvisor 2021

Zen-like Atmosphere With mesmerizing elements

DAO is a new gourmet contemporary chinese cuisine concept that is the centerpiece of Mousai located in between the two towers. This elevated restaurant and lounge offers gorgeous views of the surrounding tropical rainforest with Mondrian style glass walls. Its double height interior adds a depth of dimension to the remarkable space. Featuring contemporary Chinese design with curved and continuous lines and a striking red, black and white décor accentuated by a blend of fanciful marble, tapestry, ceramics, and red woods. DAO creates a unique experience for diners in an exceptionable setting.

DAO restaurant hotel mousai 2 south tower puerto vallarta

Discover the Allure of Modern Chinese Cuisine Innovative Twists on Tradition

Our Hong Kong born Chef has turned the oldest Chinese culinary traditions into a contemporary journey across China. Each dish reflects the culinary excitement of discovery, blending traditional components with modern twists. Chinese elements are brilliantly encapsulated into extraordinary dishes creating high-end cuisine that will take its rightful place in the foodie landscape.

Exquisite ingredients with fresh and fragrant spicy aromas and elegant presentation capture the essence of DAO, which promises to keep your taste buds tingling.

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