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“The steak section shines here. My wife had the filet twice. I had the cowboy steak and aged rib eye. The meat quality here is excellent and as good as Ive had recently anywhere else. Was perfectly cooked every time. Sides were also on point.”


Located at the foot of Hotel Mousai, next to the Panoramic Pool, this elegant restaurant provides an enigmatic atmosphere with torch-lit horizons and amazing vistas of Banderas Bay.

Whether sitting inside to enjoy the cooling effect of the air conditioning or outside for a soft ocean breeze, you will enjoy amazing views of Puerto Vallarta while eating any time of the day: breakfast, lunch or dinner.

Bocados stk bites and meats puerto vallarta


You are invited to embark on a voyage of discovery for your palate where a commitment to choice, quality and satisfaction inspire the menu. For a more casual and interactive dining experience, dishes can be shared, choosing from meaty dishes, salads, vegetarian options and delicious side orders.

Fresh and Tasty

Jicama Wraps, Quinoa Ceviche and Funghi Carpaccio … mmm!

Bites to Share

Why not try the Tuna Dices with delicious fresh seaweed, radish and ponzu sauce or perhaps share something hot and spicy like the Aguachile Shrimps?


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