Inspired by the body’s seven energy centers known as chakras, the design and ambiance of Hotel Mousai’s Spa Imagine is one that serves to create an atmosphere of harmony and balance for all who visit. If you have ever meditated, practiced yoga or enjoyed wellness retreats, then you are most probably very familiar with these energetic centers that channel prana (life force) throughout our body.

What are chakras?

What are chakras?

Chakras are energy centers located at various points from the base of the spine to just above the top of your head. In Sanskrit, “Chakra” means “wheel” or “disk” and is a term used to describe points along the spine where energy builds up and can sometimes become blocked. When our chakras are aligned, they will help to regulate the systems of the human body including organ function and the nervous system as well as our emotions. Many modern day practices aim to “open” or “release” your chakras, returning them to their natural balance, so that a harmonious flow of energy can be restored.

Chakras play an integral role in the interior design and concept behind Spa Imagine. The spa itself becomes like a vortex or large chakra of healing energy that envelops and energizes each and every person that enters the spa. You could also say that Spa Imagine acts like the heart chakra of the whole resort, pumping and transmitting its positive energy and love 365 days a year. Clients are offered tea following their treatments and can choose from a range of seven flavors, each of which are aimed to target a particular chakra.

Therapy Rooms at Spa Imagine

Lavish Specialty Suites

Spa Imagine’s treatment rooms take their names from the sound that is traditionally attributed to each of the seven chakras: LAM, VAM, RAM, YAM, HAM, SHAM and OM. The eighth suite at Spa Imagine is named AURA. You will find that the spa suites are all subtly decorated with details that reference each of the energy centers, including the precious stone and color associated with the chakra, all intended to enhance balance and healing.

For one-on-one personal healing, relaxation and transformation, there are five solo suites all designed to aid your journey towards wholeness and balance. Furthermore, three lavish speciality suites are available for special services including couples massages and romantic packages as well as bridal or bachelorette pamper days.

For those guests who would like to align their chakras during a vacation at Hotel Mousai, a Chakra Balance Ritual is available at Spa Imagine. This specialized spa treatment begins with a short questionnaire to help the therapist identify if any of your chakras are blocked. According to the results of the survey, certain essential oils will be used in the treatment which combines exfoliation and a personalized massage. The ritual aims to promote balance in a holistic, soothing way by aligning the body’s energy centers.